How to make my dreams come true?


I wonder how i can make my dreams come true as i have dreams and i find it so difficult to fulfill:
1.To shoot all the fabulous corrupt ones that are destroying world
----->i wish that i could have enough authority to revise the laws and implement the " shooting sentence" to those that are such rubbish ones. :frowning:
2.There are no more homeless children in the world
-----> I just can help partially. “A person can not create the world”. Should i found the foundation that support for those children?
In fact, the best way that can help is : shooting all the fabulous corrupt onces and then, taking all their money to build home and paying school fee for homesless children. But how can i do that legally?
How to make my dream come true? Or dream is just always dream?


You can’t possibly accomplish those things by yourself in one lifetime. Be satisfied with smaller things. Help children in your city, you’ll still feel great.




Problem solved? Nah. it’s problem avoidance!
Changing law and presenting in consitute ? Travelling to the moon or Mars is much easier to me :wink:
However i got the solution by myself already. Life without dream/hope is useless life. You must have a drive ( at least) to live.
Talking about politic makes me feel sick. Even politic and economics go together. I’ll never be with a politician for sure. So fake! Leave it!




No, im not stuck at Law at all, i do like it. As anyone should know about law at least in the place they are living. But about polictics, it’s different. And no, i dont rely on politicians for solving any problem or anything. It’s just that there are things i dont wanna discuss here. And if i can not discuss those things here, it just enrages me if i think of. So, we close this topic here, Wasabi.