I/ENTJ Crossbreed, any one else a god among mortals?


Does anyone else experience the same thing when their weakest traits flip back and forth?
I have nearly surpassed this I/E duality, but it has also left me thinking about what other kind of options are out there.

(This part may appeal to those who like imitation)
Are all personality types a tool to be actively exploited for specific purposes? This also implies a certain mastery, as in, at least walking through one type or another completely to understand the control it does possess. I can see how it would come together as well. Our types are intimately tangled with our desire, which is equivalent to how we value the world, its underlying framework or in reality our mental net we project upon everything.

It seems to make the most sense for me. When I think about my type, the nature I adhere to and want to see the world in is the intuitive side. I do understand the sensational aspect, its purpose, and maybe even how it has evolved in a sympathetic species, but intuition and thought-rational seems to be a level of control and certainty I seek. Has anybody ever considered what another type actually experiences? In practicality, I can’t empathize with the xSxx types. Aside from cases in childhood, I can scarcely surrender to impulses.

If desire for a trait is similar to how I describe, then another interesting thing happens as well. People are pretending to fill roles and I highly suspect this is true.

“Fake it until you make it.”

I have been xNTJ since I can remember, but only recently has this 70%+ N really started clicking in the way of true intuition. Coupling that with running into very few people who actually bring things together in meaningful ways. or How I have ran into maybe two people off line who can see underlying possibilities without incredible explanations. There is nothing wrong in giving lip-service to intuition and its not that I want to bad-mouth desire. Both are very powerful tools and should be sought out, but its what I see. Another interesting aspect is how peoples intuition actually works. I can drawl out quite elaborate and simple insights from people, but they don’t realize the depth they are speaking into. For example, I was talking to my friend about magnets and generators and he pictured “Magnets like art”. That is pure intuition.

It should also be said that the same thing applies to the other categories as well. I can remember the first time I trekked between perception and judgement, thinking and feeling. It was interesting, because I was feeling my way wholly and I could sense my thoughts in part through what I compare to be maze wrapped by a puzzle of information. I actually thought I was reading a mind, but it took quite a long time for me to realize it was my own brain I was sifting through.

Does anyone else have experience in delving between the different approaches? It should be most obvious with the weak trait because any instrument of will may cause it to flip sides.

Also, have you ever seen through the duality into the bigger picture?


I do not imitate a role. My thinking and my beliefs precisely reflect who am I.

I understand your question in regards of trying to “feel the other guys shoes”. It seems like you have chosen the path of imitating them somehow, whereas I experience the similar things when I interact with people on cooperation basis. Whenever you work with people, you understand their essence. You focus on one specific goal and try everything to keep things in place until you reach that goal. In that journey, people try to change the course or direction to the areas where they feel comfortable about it. And you have to oblige in order to achieve your predetermined destination. This is how you know what it means to be in their shoes. And again, I do not imitate or fake anything.

Yes I understand what it means to be god among people. But I am not concerned about such an image and prestige that it might bring. I just want my stuff with people done so I could move on. After once I’m done with you, you can fuck yourself over. I don’t care.


I’m very much an I/ENTJ myself. Typically I opt to keep to myself, as it seems more productive, but using some “E” isn’t the least bit strange for me either. It sounds like you may be going through something like what I experience in that you see both options and want to optimize and use the best one. Being near the middle, it can be a little distracting wondering which path will take you closer to where you want to be.

Both types are nearly identical in the bigger picture, but they both have different orders of methods.

*A little side note – I thought it was funny when you talked about reading a mind around you, only to find that you were sifting through your own. I’ve found one person who was great for this. I’m not sure if it was an ability they had, or just a capacity, yet I was able to pick through my mind just by talking to them.


Strict ENTJ here to say being a God among mortals has nothing to do with the bullshit you’re talking about. So there’s that.