I hate being ENTJ . And a women


Well, I dont really hate it - I just had to let out my frustration with relationships and friendship since I have found this forum :slight_smile:

I really dont know anyone with ENTJ personality. It makes me feel kind of lonely. Girls dont really enjoy my company bcz im attractive and all guys I know are a bunch of wastemen.

I am pretty sure that amazing people and amazing things exist only in movies… anyway, hello to everyone! :slight_smile:)))


I’m sure that I will be called insensitive for this.

But, all I can see is that you are surely feeling happier now for expressing your incompetence. So, whats the point?

Are you looking for an advice? Or maybe a group whinge to justify your feeling of inferiority?


I am also a woman who is an ENTJ. I’ve never known another person to be an ENTJ.

I think that generally, it’s easy to get along with most people that are different from yourself. Your personality type shouldn’t define who you communicate and socialize with, because they are generalizations about people and not tailored to fit every individual. In real life, you aren’t going to know what each person’s type is, and in the long run, it doesn’t even matter.

My general advice:
While it’s true that as an ENTJ, you’d tend to be more critical of others, try to be more accepting. Don’t assume people are going to ignore or dislike you.

Also, if you’re just not really making friends and you don’t know why, it’s probably not something wrong with your ENTJ type. See if you can find ways to make a better first impression on people.