I thought you guys would appreciate this. :)


I’m an ENFP, married to an INTJ, and we procreated a little ENTJ and ISFP. The ENTJ had an experience today that I think you guys would appreciate. :slight_smile: She’s 6 years old next month, and the most articulate kid that I’ve ever even heard of.

I picked her up at swimming lessons today to find her sitting on the side of the pool, not participating, and looking forlorn. She didn’t want to put her head under the water, and was furious that they’d poured water on her head to try and get her used to it. (You never, ever f**king take a NT’s bodily control away from them, lol.) I talked to her teacher, and he said that she’d refused to go under when they asked.

Later, in the car:
Me: "ENTJ, you will do everything your teacher tells you to do."
ENTJ: "They didn’t tell me."
Me: "Then you do everything they ask you to do."
ENTJ: “Well, they didn’t say, ‘ENTJ, will you please get up and put your head under the water?’ They asked, ‘ENTJ, do you want to put your head under the water?’”

I LOL’ed w/ INTJ hubby when I got home, because it made PERFECT FREAKING SENSE to me that ENTJ would take things that way. The SP and SJ teachers have no freaking clue why she does things the way she does.

I now told her that she absolutely has to do everything they ask her if she wants to do.

Life with NT’s is never boring, lol.


Sounds a bit like an INTJ, but very interesting regardless. A little as if you could have taken it straight from my childhood.