If You Want To Do Something Greater Than Yourself.


I am looking for like minded people. Post what you think America should be. If I agree with you I will respond.


Why are we only concerned with what America will be? I think we should think bigger: the species as a whole. Let’s consider what a united world should look like.


I’d like a functioning Congress. That’d be a good first step.

Beyond that… hmm. I’d like more instant runoff and proportional representation elections. For example, do away with Congressional districts and just have each state have a proportional representation election for all its seats. No more need to worry about gerrymandering then. And that would hopefully make the political atmosphere less negative and polarized. California’s jungle primaries are a step in the right direction, but aren’t exactly elegant. Some ulterior motive here - proportional representation would also correct for the Democrats’ urban self-gerrymandering, so it would help my side of the aisle. But maybe if the Libertarians actually win seats in state legislatures, they could team up with Democrats and get it done?

While we’re on the subject, I’d like to live in an America where the Libertarians were smart enough to go after state legislatures instead of just national offices. They have a snowball’s chance until election laws get changed. If they go after districts where the big party in the area is running unopposed, they might get more votes than they expect, and they might be able to work out a coalition to get the occasional bone.

I’d also like to see all drugs legalized and taxed, with the proceeds going to education and rehab. Not because I like drugs, but because I hate drug dealers.

And I’d like to see experiments with labor subsidizes.

More where that came from, but I think that’s enough to get started with. And, OP, why are only willing to talk with people who agree with you? The trick to politics is working with people who disagree with you, but might be willing to work with you on one issue, or maybe work out a compromise.


I’d love a world government, something like the UN with teeth. But I don’t think it’d work unless all the member states are democracies. And Russia and China are too powerful to leave out. So until they get on board the democracy train, I’m afraid that idea is a no-go.


if your standards are significant and unique, you will not find them here

like minded individuals will never respond in the first place, if your criteria matches - at least not openly