Ignorance is not a bliss. It's enslavement.----VERY TRUE!


people with brain, Think about it! Take action!


Agreed, knowledge is power, awareness gives you options


I will sue you for patent infrigement :smiley:

My experience shows that people who take action are always on extreme minority. Instead of trying to ask people to act its more practical to look for people who are ready to act if given the choice.


“Agreed, omniscience is power, awareness is predictable



Better indeed.


Omniscience or knowledge is predicatbility.
Understanding founded on omniscience is power.
Sensors will never expect you. An INTJ’s dream.


Ignorance is at least an easily treatable disease. Stupidity, or worse, willful ignorance, on the other hand…

Make up your mind!

(Says the lazy-ass thinker.)