I'm really bothered by this.


Can the spelling of “Socialising” be corrected? It should be spelled S-O-C-I-A-L-I-Z-I-N-G, Socializing.

It bothers me, a lot.


Hey Bay,

I think the Queens English, spells Socialising with an is actually correct. But I am not sure.


You are right, it’s just that it bothers me.

My english is anything but that of the Queen. Also, I wasn’t aware that the internet involves people that aren’t from the U.S. :mrgreen:



I’m from the UK, but I spell it as socializing :mrgreen:


Don’t you really have any substantial thing to worry about instead of some internet forum and grammar mistakes?

I hope you did that for fun. If not, at least you can tell us that you don’t care about this and let us all think that you are a sane person.


I’m born and raise in the South Bay(i see that you’re from the SF bay area too). I spell it as socialising because I’m too lazy to pull my left pinky back to type the Z key. S is easier for me. =]


I’m from Alaska and I live in SD! :dance:


I was just curious as to how much time the Great and Powerful one spends trolling forums. Looks like I’m not the only one with too much free time on my hands.

You are like putty in my warm, strong, lioness paws. Well played, if I do say so myself.



2-3 hours per day. Sometimes 4 hours.

Perhaps. At least I don’t go crazy about why forum name is spelled as “socialising” and not “socializing”. I don’t focus that much on it.

In all, this is not really a big issue to focus at. At least for me.

Again, going crazy about stuff I see. I guess that ego trip of yours happen quite often.