INFP female\ ENTJ male


I am an INFP , and i am attract to an ENTJ male who is already engaged.

we have a bloody chemistry between us , he is smart attractive and we can talk for hours in different subject , with him i cant stop laughing , i am simply happy .

i met him at work, so our relation was professional at first , and after 2 months we were talking in daily basis …
but suddenly i figure out that he is engaged to one of his relative that lives abroad … a very traditional old style engagement and they met few times , actually i don’t have a lot of information about this relation but i know that they talk together on internet and Skype.

First,i was chocked and i cried a lot (my emotional side was hurt), somehow i refuse to let him go … i want him :smiley:

for an INFP , it is hard to seduce or manipulate someone . but for this guy i am ready to do anything …

i never felt like this before with any other man , i am mentally emotionally and physically taken by him

PS: he likes me too but since the other one in his life i can understand that i cant pass certain boundaries… :frowning:

please i need your advice … i didn’t saw any articles about ENTJ male and INFP female

i would like to have your point of view , i want to see from an ENTJ perspective

waiting for ur reply

thank you


Sooooo…what did you eventually do? Entj male; just intrested in knowing your Infj thought.


You let him know you feel this way. Let him take a decision. The most you are going to suffer is; embarrassment in front of some work friends. Risk it. One thing I can assure you is that; if he is an ENTJ, he won’t mind.


LOL passive agressively calling her out HAHHAAHHA


This comment sounds pretty loser and therefore not likable for an ENTJ: crying for getting information about another person and willing to manipulate him is the worst technic to apply for an ENTJ. Once he finds you were acting like that, he will despise you. The best thing you can do is shine in what and how you are (he already likes you, otherwise he will not invest his time in talking to you) and show your strength and commit. Manipulating an ENTJ? Very bad bad idea