INFP reporting in.


Hello Entjs! And also the other types.I am an Infp with 4w5 from Malaysia.I have been lurking here in this ENTJ forum for quite a long time until I decided to finally create an account because I realized how nice it would be to actually talk to you guys…instead of just…stalking like a creep.There are so many things I could learn and here are the basics of what fascinated me towards ENTJs

I know you guys LOVE lists,cmon:

1.Know what the hell you’re doing/dealing with and you ENTJs are gonna beat that shit up in the face like bam!! You got nothing on me :laughing:

2.Wise,knowldegeable,capable and a great leader.No other type is able to do it like you do ENTJs!!.

3.I like the sarcastic sense of humor srs XD

4.You guys usually talk about things that “matter” and it keeps me on toes with reality.

5.Fun and charming but still reserved in a way,amazing.

phew…I hope you guys still reading this xD
Anyway.Please don’t worry about “hurting my feelings” or whatsoever,I know how straightforward and bold it may get.I wouldn’t be here if I’m not prepared.



Hi! Don’t have much to add, just trying to get rid of some of the tumbling tumbleweeds around here… Hmm. Any good ENTJ stories? And I have a friend from Kuala Lumpur that’s ethnically Chinese. How about you? Ethnically Malaysian, Chinese, Indian?