I have a friend/relative that sometimes tests as an INFP but lately has been testing as INTP.
The IN P are all very strong but the T/F is weak. So he finds that some of the INTP profile fits and some does not and some of the INFP profile fits and some does not.

Have any of you experienced this in yourself or others?



analyse their hobbies and their decision making styles as well.


There are so many INTPs who think they’re INFPs. I don’t know why this happens. Fi and Ti are really not even similar.


It’s fully possible that he’s got a weak F or a weak T.



There’s a couple of things to take note of.

First of all, on the tests, they have certain questions that are not easy to answer straightforwardly. Let’s say, if a question asks “when making a decision, do you rely on your logics, or your feelings?”. Well, to be honest with you, INFPs’ feelings are quite personal, and so logics are incorporated into their feelings, hence you’ll find them working through matters of logics before arriving at a much more personal conclusion to them, that usually takes care of values, and ethical considerations. They are probably more outwardly thinking, in that they focus more on the layout of things. Whereas INTPs, they are much more focused, in degree and length, with their thoughts and how far they can develop these thoughts (Ti), for the sake of these ‘thoughts’. The difference with them and INFPs is that the INFPs’ focus inwards is more in tune with developing values/ethics, and so they can spend a great deal of time in thought with or without realizing that they are nourishing a certain outlook. INTPs I guess are much more objective, thus better with handling criticisms, but they may have a distate for criticism if a comment downplays their ideas/thoughts, since they believe they have spent adequate time in analysis of a subject.

On the other hand, to move away from type functions and what not, you have to also bear in mind the fact that sometimes our hobbies, and interests, shape our persona, or behaviour. If an INFP loves puzzles, especially the challenging difficult ones, their personality will be influenced accordingly. They’ll probably be more logical. My INTP best friend likes exploring “spiritual” (for lack of a better term) matters, and so has a good sense of emotions, and can even size up to them if not have the kind of interpersonal skills to be in touch with other people’s emotions. My INTP friend also believes, just like an INFP would have the tendency to believe, that they are most learnt of a person’s human side when one expresses their sadness/vulnerability, etc. I guess that sometimes INTPs and INFPs end up in the same place, but from different angles and approaches.


You mean INFPs who think they are INTPs? The opposite is not really possible and it’s sort of known that only an NF could think he is an NT, not the other way around. The reason is that NTs do not have enough feelings to make them rate themselves as NFs (some exception NTs up to sing reasonably well, like John Travolta, or play an instrument reasonably well, like George Harrison, but it’s reasonably clear neither one of them thinks themselves as a feeling dominant).

The feeling dominant has thinking also, it being together with his dominant feeling, though not all feeling dominants do up to any amount of thinking, but many do and are as often high educated as the NTs are, just more on the humanistic area, so it’s not a question that they are not up to high thinkers, just that their areas of thinking differ, though they can have success and in school they do have success at all subjects; those people do not see it easily if they are thinking or feeling dominants and many of them think a lot, often more than many NTs, especially when the NF does it for living.


INFP and INTP are quite easy to be mistyped at the first place.
INFPs are pretty smart ( more on being book smart) as INTPs, especially when both are well educated. Both are very logical, quiet, big picture ( both are all intuitives). For the appearance, they have some similar things: have sorrow look and slender shape …( like they are beaing some pain , especially INFP)
But the main thing is INFP: belongs to NF types. Hence, they are more people focus- they care more about people’s feeling, whether they would hurt someone. And they are more moral oriented. Also, INFPs are more organised than the INTP.
INTP types: belongs to NT types, like many NTs- they would be considered: mad/ crazy, nuts to some people. :mrgreen:
hey, if you guys are ENTJs, you guys would regconise an INFP and find him/her pretty connected to you just by your subconcious mind- instinct. INTPs cant give you that deep connection ( just INFP share the same Fi with you, not INTP with Fe)


INFP - The one I know is a very nice gentle person. I get along with them. They seem quite empathic. However they are quite neurotic and sensitive, so I have to sooooo careful about what I say. They also seem to be unable unwrangle themselves in difficult situations and cannot think through their issues or problems. I read on the internet that INFPs are most likely to suffer from clinical depression and have ADHD.

INTP - I met one some time ago, but do not know this person well. The one I know has a quick grasp of situations and people. He was smart and very articulate. However he was really unreliable and naive about handling the situation well.

I can’t see how people can mistake one for the other. They are quite different.


Fe is the shadow function of INTP’s.

Psy maturity is achieved when you improve your shadow, so it’s natural to a mature INTP switch to both functions (but always Ti 51%- Fe 49% in the final sum).

I can easily switch between I-E (ENTP) and T-F (INFP/ENFP) but I have a hard time in P-J.

I just can reach J in small periods of time and only in the introverse mode (INTJ).

J drains my energy like a mosquito on a leech. I have a well developed Si too (the tertiary function in INTP’s), 'cause it’s the main fuel of Ne.

INTP functions: 1-Ti; 2-Ne; 3-Si; 4-Fe


This is the cas eof one of my friends:

I have a friend who is INTP when introverted
and ENFP when extraverted

The Deep mind ( Intuition /sensing) focuses on intuitive material logics like us. But the Quick mind relies on logic.
Since he is P he uses the Deep Mind more, and so depending on the quick mind feelings there may be variations!

Being nailed by girls for favors ( I need to hire my other friend the rational diplomat to keep guard) I got better things to do with my empathy.

The INFP is recognised as the most inteligent of my class (because he spent time showing it off (not with the bad intonetion). but behind his mature thoughts is a feeler :sunglasses: . But his intuition is focused on material connections, instead of diplomatic human relations… A deep Intuitive mind and the Fast mind uses feelings. An interesting mix to talk to! He lacks judgement (use of quick mind) so his logic deep brain accompaniesh feels and …complex.

He does show sometimes the ‘‘It’s meant to be’’ idealistic Bias although he brags being realist, but with the lack of understanding, has a very cynical view of society (EXTREME).


Yeah I think specifically for intp females its hard to distinguish weather they’re intp or infp. I read that the intp has an isfp alter ego or something like that. And infp has istp alter ego. Go google it yourself. But yeah I think that’s part of the reason.