INTJ male considering asking an ENTJ female out


Hello there,
I’m an INTJ considering asking a suspected ENTJ out. I have no no romantic experience. Some context:

  • Her body language seems highly inviting. She greets me by “Hi!” whenever we encounter, although we are not friends. She laughs at practically all of my jokes, makes a great deal of eye contact when we talk, always lets me lead the conversation (while listening with a great interest; for the record, most people quickly become frustrated with the speeches I make), at times even appears to be rather flirty.
  • However, unlike myself, being nice to everyone (or rather anyone) seems to be her policy. Perhaps, as Aristotle said, “A friend to all is a friend to none.” Assuming she is honest (which I do), though, this at very least means she sympathize with me.
  • I never caught her glancing at me, and she never engages in physical touch. I once asked her if she had spare time to study something she formerly asked me about, and when I had hardly even completed my question, she simply replied by “No.”
  • Ultimately, my guess is she is not actively pursuing me as a romantic partner, but greatly appreciates me nonetheless.
  • I might provide a more detailed account of my personal background later if necessary. For the time being, I don’t want this to distract the participants, so I’ll just say this much: for good and for bad, I’m not a normal guy; not even for an INTJ.
    At this point, I’d like to hear you thoughts (especially but not necessarily granted that you are an ENTJ female). Do I have a good chance of her accepting my request? Should I ask her out? If so, how do I do so?


find another women. (from me, entj female)


Entj female here talking to you. Ask her simply if she want to go out.
Show no desperate hope nor frustration on your face, show that either she accepts or not, you’ll be ok.
She’ll appreciate the simplicity.