INTJ With Social Skills


Name: Nick
Age: 28
Location: Concord, CA
Occupation: Software Engineer(I hate working for other people)
Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Futurism, Real Estate Investing, EVERYTHING(almost)
Goals on Forum: Meet people of all types, but especially females and especially XNTJ, but really would love to talk to everyone.
Other Info: I am an Eagle Scout

I am an INTJ. My social skills have been developed very deliberately so I can gain power over other people through manipulation. That seems like I’m trying to take advantage of people, but I have good intentions and want to make society better for everyone.

Growing up was very INTJish, I would sit quietly while everyone around me struggled to solve a problem until they all gave up and accepted me as their leader, at which point I would show them the correct path. I love being in control so I am not subject to the arbitrary will of anyone less logical than I am.

When I was a baby, my parents were worried because I started talking 1-2 years later than average, but when I did start talking, it was almost immediately in full sentences. When I was 2 1/2, they would leave me with 100 piece puzzles and I would spend endless amounts of time assembling and re-assembling them.

My parents distilled in me a drive toward action that some INTJs lack. If I can’t find the information I need, I will gladly act and observe in order to gain information. I have no problem failing as long as the insight is valuable. I have several personal computer programming and other projects active at any one time.

I am planning on doing one or a series of YouTube videos on INTJs and their interactions with other types.

Hit me up, I’ll talk about anything. If you live nearby, I would love to buy you lunch. For you introverted types, I’ll bring you lunch.


This forum is dead compared to INTJf.


From what I last recall though, the people here are cool. ENTJ are just not spending enough time in internet land for this forum to properly work out.


I know, falls to knees, yells but why?

It does highlight a major difference between INTJs and ENTJs, though.

INTJs are like, “Must know everything about everything, but I can’t dance, so I better hit the interwebs.”

ENTJs are like, “I’d like to know everything about everything, but I’m just too busy having a life.”

I just want to meet some ENTJ women to have intellectual conversations with, why does the universe conspire against me?

Anyways, thanks for replying, XNTX!!! I now feel infinitely more relevant. :slight_smile:

But I have one question for you. Why are you here?


Who are all these people viewing this thread but not posting??

You know you want to.