INTP and INTJ or just "NTJ"s in general


Please, if there are any INTP types who are incredibly active in the ENTJ and/or the INTJ forums, please do not take all these things to the utter extreme. I am not to provoke problems, disregarding my tone…I mean to invoke passionate explanations, debate, and discussion.

I just got out of the INTP forum, well actually—I was kicked out for being exactly who I am accepted here for. An admin accused me of committing “metaphoric rape” spawning from a dull off-handed joke about female INTJ’s having a penis so to speak (more ballsy mostly thank INTP’s and other types…) I was deleted out of just irritation. I used no profanity or anything of that sort. Bwah. I hate that community. I never met such a close-minded cluster. I’m happy here where the INTPness can be more hashed with more open acceptance to possibility and possibly be even better explained. It was just a fight over there. Totally smothered and unaccepted. I’m fairly new to posting stuff even though I have been registered in these forums for a while but I hardly spend any time here. To be emoticonly expressive to ANY degree, to have any unrelentless passion, and to be “hardcore” other-than-INTPish is pretty much like a sin there.

I’m JUST SO GLAD TO BE HERE. AGAIN. And I don’t even understand the beginnings of the INTP!!! Why have I had such issues with the one’s I have encountered on and off-line? There is so much negative view of my type but not enough actual digging into “why.”


Penis? Balls? What the hell is going on?

On the serious note, whats new?


The view of an INTJ female by an INTP forum is degrading and slightly interesting at the same time. (INTJ females have a penis; above pettiness, may destruct a man’s thinking (scold/correct him) and solid decision-makers=ballsy to them.) They hardly allow anyone who isn’t an I/E-NTP who gives a damn to last long there. Control freaks to the “T”. Nothing is worth learning there.
What’s new? Hm, well yea I guess I haven’t been here in a while, maybe a year at most.
Realistically, I’m in Cali tanning by the pool. Freakishly dark and more fit than I was a year ago. Currently dating an ENTJ type and I love ‘em. Nothin’ serious. Not like I’m gonna marry :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here. Working under sun whole day over my tomatoes and my skin has become freakishly dark. Only two days ago there was a heat of the weather like in hell. 49 degrees celsius (that’s 120 degress of fahrenheit for you). So you can imagine. It feels like getting roasted in the grill to the redness like a chicken. Hmm, it even smells good.


I generally find that I enjoy the sense of humor that INTPs have, as it seems so detached and indifferent, but I found that INTPcentral was not a pleasant place to be. For what it’s worth, there’s some value to be found in the forum, and some nice people there, but there’s also monumental ignorance.

I can’t actually see any ways aside from humor, that INTPc is greater than ENJTf. This forum is just cleaner, has worthwhile discussions, and is fairly welcoming. Not saying one type is better than another, but I’m tempted to say that it’s fact that this forum is more worthwhile, and that’s coming from a guy who hates to look at things in black and white.


INTP moderators on INTJ forum also severely limits my topics. I guess they don’t tolerate brutal honesty (even though it is ok for everyone else). It appears like they are concerned more with the image than the deed itself.


Done, and done.
Totally and completely without flaw in these stated truths.


I agree with everything Brad said.


NIce tomatoes. Are these all YOURS? great! but why so many? i think they should be … two??? :mrgreen:


As an INTP who is working in more J processing, I can tell you there’s some animosity to the lightning-fast condemnations a J-type is known for. The P-ness means that most matters get put into the not-quite-sure category, and often I find that I’m arguing out loud with myself about whatever.

I’m going to check out INTPcentral for myself, with low expectations. This is the internet, after all.


INTPs are troublemakers. They’re also sensitive. You’re supposed to let them spout whatever crap they want and never respond. Now you know. :laughing:


Are you talking about INTPcentral or INTPforum? I’m only asking because I’d be very surprised if it was the latter.

I’ve heard many of them say roughly the same thing about INTJs, minus the sensitive part. That seems rather ignorant.


INTPcentral has a bunch of INFP in denial. INTP are best known for being neutral observers, not setting up a forum and screaming from the roof tops. With Ne being the extraverted function I rely on, I know for one I tend to go a bit crazy when the slightest hint of censorship comes my way.

It’s ISTJ that piss off INTP because of their inferior Ne. They are heckling cynics that cock block progress and don’t see the relations in anything, over indulgent fools thinking anything can be solved with more money and time just wanting to reminisce about the good old times and choke off any reality thereafter with negative reinforcement.

INFP piss off INTJ because of their inferior Te. Which is kind of odd since every time I speak personally with an INFP they go nuts then realize I’m not an INTJ and just sort of stare off in wonder at what’s going on.

INFP trying to talk science:

But about your metaphor, I doubt you will find an INTJ woman without a tiny portable vibrator for when those “feelings” swing their way.