INTP in Tampa, age 55, wants to date ENTJ Woman


INTP male wants to date an ENTJ woman. I am on and there is no way to filter for ENTJ. Any ideas? I am 55 years old in Tampa, Fl.
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why do you wanna date an ENTJ woman? anything special? why not many other types? im just curious to know if you dont mind me asking


Speaking as another INTP, ENTJs are a harmonious complement to the type. While an INTP has introverted thinking, the ENTJ has extroverted thinking; INTP: extroverted intution, ENTJ: introverted intuition; and so on.

In general, INTPs are like the trusted advisors to the executive ENTJs, so imagine how that extends into romance.


INTP and ENTJ are natural partners, at least if I believe what the various websites on the subject say. I suspect it is true.


i suspect these websites are not creditable. as i have never fell for any INTP in my life. Or have never paid much attention to INTP type of men. it’s not that INTP men are not good or something, just i think that maybe because these two types dont confide well in romantic relationship ( not others).
another thing, you can spot one when you meet an ENTJ female in real life? dating someone solely based on their MBTI type is not a good idea to me. or at least i think so. other factors count!


May I ask what were the MBTI types you have fallen for? Do you believe that your experience is typical of an ENTJ woman? I also note that the credibility of web sites is always an issue, including this one.


I would suggest requesting in your profile for ENTJ women to respond. I’m sure if they know what you’re talking about your clarity will make it easier to make a choice whether to respond or not. I go a lot by looks. There’s one guy i’m totally into and he doesn’t even have hair on his head. But what suits one may not suit another. Your photo is a good start. Keep trying and you never know.


i have falllen for Fi types mostly ( though i didnt know their type was at those times. i dont know whether it would be a typical ENTJ woman, but i do think that every person is a different unique. hence may have different taste in men.