I was directed to this forum from a blog. How accurate are these tests anyway?

What measures does one take to “prove” consistency among the different types?

I won’t disclose specifics so easily online, so bear with me with these vague descriptors of some “achievements”

I am President of Anthropology Student Association at my school.
I am co-founder of the Psychology club.
I’ve been a sales manager two years prior to enrolling full time in school. After achieving top sales manager and sales rep in 2014, I left my company to achieve similar goals in a different company. After proving that I could do it again, I left the sales world and enrolled in school full time. Now I hope to achieve many things here through some of the organizing opportunities available.

Is the organizing theme above a common characteristic? Does anyone else call themselves an ENTJ and are not so adept at seeking organization?

I am seeking good discussion here, please point to patterns in behavior, rather than just vague generalizations like “good leader” as I see online quite often.