Is anyone elses boss a pain?


I recently found out I’m an ENTJ. At first I was surprised, but that lasted all of 3 seconds before I realised it was a very cool truth.

So, does anyone else have any issues with their boss if they have one?? Especially female ENTJs like me?

I am sure I am not the only ENTJ that enjoys sticking it to “the man”.


I always had problems with bosses. I can’t stand less competent people standing above me. That why I don’t work for anyone unless it is extremely necessary.


Sounds like a good idea, and it would be the best option for me.
Money is the main problem though, especially in this economy.

Am I alone in thinking that if our bosses trusted our instincts and listened to us then it would be better for them? I am sure that all ENTJs are high performers. :slight_smile:


In many cases, possibly. It would be quite counter-intuitive for most bosses to just trust others instincts and listen to others more than themselves. BTW, ENTJ is a fairly functional type for “performance”, but it’s not some golden standard. I’m sure there are countless ENTJs who are far from high performers.


I don’t have a problem with bosses really, it’s just when they talk to me in an undermining tone. The head nurse at a nursinghome I was substituting at, had this really annoying pitch in her voice and she would keep saying stuff like: “Mari, would you please clean up my mess? I gotta go do stuff that only nurses have clearance to do”. She didn’t even have a nursing degree.


I could not have said this better myself!

I am exactly the same… you wanted to know from a female - here goes, I do not care if my boss is male or female - they are all less competent than I, so I have no regard for their authority as there is no respect for them. So, I become autonomous and do not ask them anything and make my own decisions. When asked why I did not consult them, I turn it around on them and say “you could not come up with something better to get this result, if you think you can, please tell me!” - of course they never can :laughing:

I have problems with bosses, but I fight them and become my own boss even though I still work for them - plus I am vary capable, so they would never fire me or make me redundant :wink:



My boss is an ENTP, my last boss was an ESFJ - paranoid and restrictive but nice to be around. My current ENTP boss is fucking awesome, we have great conversations/debates and we critique our works. I have a feeling that if he leaves, I will now interact with a majority of sensors the likelihood of butting heads is great, so my plan is to butter up everyone else (not in the sense of preparing to backstab my ENTP boss, but to make sure everyone else doesn’t give me the cold shoulder.) ENFJ boss was decent, but rather manipulative.

I had an ISFJ boss, horrible HORRIBLE - manipulative, liar, restrictive, paranoid, demanding, psychotic. ISTJ boss, similar - INFP boss, HORRIBLE messy, lacking logic, wishy washy, emo INTP boss, god damn similar thinking patterns but damn they are insecure and passive-aggressive. I think those mentioned personality types get that way because I start questioning their weaknesses and of course inept superiors will start working against you. ISFP boss, weak, wishy washy, messy, illogical.

The main issue with me is if the boss does not have a clear line of rank and the fact that I do not believe Introverts should be above me then it’s a problem.


I have a hard time working for Bosses who I find are incompetent and can’t admit to their mistakes because I don’t respect them.

I am happy to work for competent Bosses who can teach me new skills and grow my experience. I had this kind of boss once, I had a lot of respect for them, it was great (maybe it was an ENTJ).


I make efforts to be supportive of my bosses because I know what it’s like to be in charge and I appreciate when staff does it for me. When it come to morons who don’t appreciate my good will, I bide my time while I network within the company. The more I promote myself, the less what my petty superior does matters. If it’s isn’t worthwhile to stay at a particular company, I won’t be as patient and begin planning my exit strategy.


I couldn’t agree with your observations more. My current boss is an INTP and he’s definitely wishy washy, unreliable, lies all the time, secretive and completely passive aggressive and insecure. even our intern commented that he’s not a leader type. I’m so sick of his ass I’m thinking of taking the best talent at our company and starting my own company as his emotional problems and lack of vision is really holding the company back, as he lacks managerial skills and more fit to be a cubicle drone.

Oh yeah, and he has an annoying crush on me, sits too close to me and always tries to touch me, or pry into my personal life!

I think for us ENTJs we need to have a boss we respect and can learn from, typically another ENTJ, INTJ or ENFP not some myopic thinking INTP with emotional problems who lacks common sense!


I have never gotten along with a boss. I feel like, if I did, the world would be mine. Unfortunately, they got there by having their tongue out, and ready for any ass above them. I HATE that and my bosses have all been that way. Incompetence is not a disqualifying factor when ass kissing is abundant.


I work in technology, which means I really only work with men. I’ve been out of uni fewer than ten years, and I’ve had about 12 bosses in that time, all men. Two have paid me to leave (I’m in the UK, where you have to pay someone off to avoid going through the legal disciplinary process), one I knew I couldn’t work with so I engineered failing my probation, another I knew I wouldn’t be able to work with and managed to find another job by the end of my probation, one I made a complaint about as I was leaving that resulted in his demotion, and one I was so devoted to I cried when I handed in my resignation (I had to move company to progress my career). I think he must be an NT, and I’m still in touch with him in hope that I’ll be able to work with him again.

I find that some don’t like that I’m not a yes man, and others don’t like that I’m confident in my opinions. Either way, bosses either see me as an invaluable resource or a trouble maker depending on their personality.

I recently read a quote that has helped me understand part of my problem; “I judge how intelligent a man is by how stupid he thinks I am.”