Is beauty important to you?


Beauty is extremely important to me. I constantly look around for beautiful things/places/buildings and try to make my environment more beautiful. If I’m in an overwhelmingly ugly environment e.g. a deadbeat, suburban town full of horrid houses I feel oppressed. I wonder if beauty is important to other ENTJs or if this makes me a ‘weak’ ENTJ?


I feel the same way, though I don’t always act on it… which probably just means I’m being lazy.


I prefer beautiful things over the ugly ones ( but who else dont? :mrgreen: )
Although im like you-i constantly looking around for beautiful things along my way ( including good looking girls and guys- especially guys :mrgreen: ),it’s just to enjoy, i dont act or get upset for ugly things. It’s not my duty anyway. I love visting new places where not many people visit and enjoy the things along the trip, even if i go alone. (There should be something new there?) For the building, i just love to see how people organise/ design it and its surrounding ( pathway,gardens/trees…). Architecture holds my interest ( hence i myself designed the structure, interdecorated, planted trees/flowers …for my house. Working with hand is as full of pleasure as with brain :smiley: ).


Yes beauty is important to me. I remember learning how to drive and preferring to drive to university one route vs another because it was more beautiful and nicer things to look at. I sometimes also walk a specific route to work even if it takes longer because it is less ugly than the other route.

My favourite trips are ones where I can appreciate the beauty of nature - scenery and animals.

I have found myself appreciating flowers more and more.

I have 000 creative side but I like beauty in my surroundings. I struggle to create a beautiful environment though because everything about me is minimalist, functional and efficient, so I appreciate others that are able to do that and help me create it.

I also like beautiful people (who doesn’t!)


I love aesthetics. I’ll admit I’ve been through multiple phases of my life revolving around some type of art form or another. Like when I became obsessed with drawing hyper realistic goddess-like faces, the tetris effect kicked in and every where I looked, whimsical gorgeous women would look back. At the time I didn’t know what the tetris effect was so I thought I was tripping balls and I just kinda stopped. LOL. I was also obsessed AF with body building I got injured cause I did it so much but damn everyone knew me for it. Also Piano is cool but the growth process is too linear for my test and that’s kinda underwhelming for me.