Is "House" on the TV show and ENTP?


I think he is an E because he solves his problems out loud.
He is definitly an NT without question
He is a P because he thinks out side the box a lot

His social skills seem to be hidden

The rest of his team, Wilson and Cuddy all seem to at least be NT?


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This was discussed on almost every personality forum I’ve been to. All 4 of the NT types want him. I think he exhibits traits of all 4 of the NT types because he’s not real. Sometimes he’s loud and annoying, sometimes he sits in his office all alone and so on.

INTPs have concluded he’s an INTP, I think INTJs have concluded he’s an INTJ. Go figure. Everyone wants to identify with a genius guy like House.

I think most fictional characters (especially in TV shows) can’t be typed because they are made primarily to be interesting. The writers take some good stuff from the INTP, some good stuff from the ENTJ… and make an awesome character.


I would say INTP. He enjoys the aspect of figuring out peoples illnesses/problems more than acting on them. He doesn’t want a case if it doesn’t interest him either. His disdain for most people would possibly suggest that he’s and I, but many E’s share that trait.


The E and I debate could go either way. I vote Introvert though. Even though he exhibits extroverted tendencies at work thinking out loud, he is a bit reclusive in his personal life that has me leaning towards introvert. However, he could just be introverted because of other reasons (drug use perhaps? depression?), but is really an extrovert. Possible, but I find the former more believable.

Same goes with P and J. I’m leaning more towards J though. He does seem to figure out things as he goes along, but he tends to resort to the whiteboard a lot. Also, I would imagine that he has a grand plan in his head that he may not be sharing with the viewers - this demonstrates that the introvert and judger personalities supporting each other.

So, I bet he is either an ENTP or a INTJ. I’m betting INTJ for the reasons above (exhibits E behavior, but really an I; exhibits P behavior, but is a J and doesn’t show it extremely because he is an I).


See what I’m saying?

Now we just need someone to claim he’s an ENTJ and we’ve got all 4 types in THIS TOPIC alone! :mrgreen:


House is an ENTP. I don’t know how he could be seen as anything but. His personality screams Ne, and he’s definitely no ENFP. In some of the very early episodes, he showed some characteristics which could be better associated with INTJ, but that’s totally changed. I don’t see INTP or ENTJ in him at all.


I recently got into watching House, and consider him a fairly typical INTP. He does think aloud, but as a responder(INTP), not a co-worker (ENTP) or initiator (ENTJ). He gets into way too much depth on cases and his knowledge base to be an ENTP or ENTJ, and is also more prone to extreme behavior (again INTP trait - everything has to come down to a binary truth). Also, he is very Ne driven (its funny how talking to Wilson helps him trigger his intuitions). Spontaneous, so can’t be a J (rules out INTP and INTJ). And really really likes to be alone (definitely not an E).

Wilson and Cuddy are both co-operators, with Wilson an ENFJ (cannot take him seriously) and Cuddy an ESTJ. Cuddy strikes me as really an excellent portrayal of an ESTJ woman - spitting image of a friend of mine.

Interestingly, Foreman seems to be an ENTJ! Though I think he’s too confused (Fi misfires?). 13 is an INFJ, as is Cameron; Kuttner ESFP, Taub probably ESTJ, Chase probably ISTP.


Thinking outside the box is more of an N trait.

S will roll with punches and what’s infront of them.
N will try to take formulas to the next levels.


I vote INTJ. I think he’s too disconnected from his environment to be an Extrovert.


Well, I AM an INTJ and I gotta go with you Mango, but for the fact that his is so dry and forward in responses like a “J” tends to be. His responses kind of “plow” through people’s logic and that word I most associate with a “J”, again. So, I don’t know. I kind of don’t really care. I’d say INTJ just for those final things. INTP’s also have this dismissive sense of humor that I find House has, but he also darkly gives it off too. He’s got an interchangeable P/J!!! Hybrid! Maybe he’s an INFJ?


With you till the INFJ statement. I very much hope that’s a joke. I think he leans toward INTJ. Definitely don’t see his T being less than extreme.


He’s too spontaneous to be a J I think. Besides, he’s Ne (has random brainwaves when Wilson is yakking), not Ni.


That randomness is why I threw an “F” in there…We shall never know…


He has some spontaneity, but I don’t think enough to take him out of the J range. He also can’t be content with knowing something and not being able to do something about it. It seems more of a J trait in that he’ll do whatever he can to remedy a situation by going around Cuddy whenever he can.

Also disagree with the Ni/Ne statement as well. So many times House seems to know things, but has no way to explain it or back it up. Ni’s often deal with that problem. I think if he were an Ne, he’d be able to justify his hypotheses more often. He also seems to come by less grounded evidence to support his ideas, which seems like more of an Ne thing.


Keirsey explains that people of any temperament can do tasks more naturally done by someone else, with effective IQ dropping depending on how far away from one’s core m/o the task is. On page 312 of his “Personology” book, Keirsey estimates the drop off for an INTP with an IQ of 150:

INTP tasks- 150
ENTP tasks- 140 to 145
INTJ tasks- 130 to 135
ENTJ tasks- 125 to 130

House is INTP, but as a tremendous genius, he can still show great competence and flair in doing more stereotypically INTJ stuff, like the elaborate trolls of Wilson and Cuddy that require sequential chess-type planning of the moves.

To briefly justify his typing:

N- Don’t think anyone is claiming he is an S; we all saw the N.

T- He does indulge his F impulses, but the luxury of doing so in his way is afforded by his super T that is exercised the rest of the day.

I- Yes, he likes working with others to get the ball rolling in a “pseudo-Te” manner. But if you notice, his flashes of brilliance that end up solving the puzzle come from within. He is talking to Wilson about something seemingly irrelevant, when a lightning burst of Ne will connect the patient to the conversation in an unexpected way. Also, he chooses to spend his free time alone at home, outside of phoning the occasional call girl. Not really someone who is energized by E experiences.

P- He is a classic “perceive all options” type, he can just run through his proofs-by-cases quickly enough that it seems J. As a department head, he does have to use some J behavior with his staff by virtue of the position (the same phenomenon can be seen with the Gil Grissom INTP character from CSI).

If you want more: check the massive Fe reaction he pulls at Cuddy’s place in the season 7 finale. Also, listen carefully to his one-liners, a very INTP sense of humor!


It’s not just that the sense of humor is dismissive, look at how raunchy it is. Most J and Fi types of his status would find it gross, off-putting, or socially inelegant. It amuses him, and he just doesn’t care.

Yes, we can imagine a high status ENTJ businessman telling off color sexual jokes to female employees, but if he does it, there would more likely be an agenda of getting in her pants behind it. House wouldn’t mind getting in 13’s pants, but he tells his jokes for the joy of the absurd concept.


House is like a stereotype of ENTP. I don’t know how he could be seen as anything else. He’s in constant Ne brainstorm mode, his Ti is obvious, and he shows a lot of Fe too, even if it is uncontrolled, selfish and immature.


Pretty much task oriented (=Te) complimented by inner vision (Ni).
YouTube visual TeNi reading
TeNi and NiTe ( TV animation show Daria is the prime example of this) types have his kind of sardonic humor. Yeah, I try to take easy with it but can not help myself. So many lobotomy and “congratulatory” jokes… :confused:

He is too dry to be ENTP. But ENTP is apparently quasi-identical with ENTJ (socionics).