Is Steve Jobs ENTJ?


I'm beginning to think so. Check out this video to see what I mean:


Could be. Most sites type him as ENTP though.

Awesome speech btw.


Yes, I found a website that stated that he is. Also, Bill Gates is, as well. Perhaps this had something to do with their unique bond and then later their rivalry. Who knows?!


I like that speech by Steve Jobs.


Found this excellent quote by Steve Jobs, RIP:

Its really been running around in my mind. The things I’ve done best in my life have been the result of single minded focus, and actively using my faculties to simplify business situations until they are clearly identified and easily solvable. As a result, if there’s one thing I’ve come to believe in, it is that anyone can become an expert at anything they choose. However, over time I lost my way, and have been trying to figure out why… What was I doing wrong, and what had been done right before that was no longer being done?

The answer I’ve reached is that I am spread too thin amongst too many pursuits to find a clear focus. I am wondering if this is an ENTJ thing… as an NT it is deceptively easy to get good at things easily, and the ENTJ perfectionism begins to make demands… but its impossible to be good, let alone great, at everything. One has to choose! I’ve been so focused on being well-rounded that I am becoming dangerously close to a Jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none. So right now I am urgently trying to simplify my life and re-engage with focus on what I actually want to do. But extricating myself from responsibilities and obligations I took up along the way is proving very difficult - how did all of these things pile up like this?!?

Anyone find themselves in a similar position, or try something similar?

PoodleSyndrome: yes, its a great speech - I wonder if it particularly speaks to our group here…


I can relate to that. I love this phrase “over committed” that I found in one of the threads in this forum. It describes this perfectly.


I read somewhere he’s ENTP.


I am unsure as to whether Steve is an ENTJ as I’ve seen him typed by many as ENTP and ISTP.

Something fascinating though is that Steve said he has a tendency to stay with a company from the beginning to end, unless that company kicks him out. It was on the Charlie Rose interview when at Pixar before he went back to Apple.