John Cleese = ENTJ?


Imagine my great surprise to watch this interview of John Cleese, where it almost seems like he is auditioning for an ‘I’m an ENTJ’ role - I’ve always been skeptical of the ‘there are several ENTJ comedians’ claim, but his own temperament seems pretty clear:

Here’s another talk, where he explains his theory on how to be more creative, which i think is extremely valuable feedback for any ENTJ (a group known for structured creativity, not really creativity of the free-thinking sort):


The second video is awesome. But he says he’s always been a bit disorganized. That isn’t really an ENTJ trait is it?

I am a bit disorganized myself but that’s cause I’m a depressed guy who spends 80% of his day in front of the PC.


You know, I wonder about that point often enough - I can’t decide whether I’m organized or disorganized. My strategic planning is always highly detailed with all kinds of contingencies accounted for… but I hate tracking logistical stuff, which I offload to my team almost completely. My car is always clean, even the trunk! - But, for example, I simply haven’t bothered to get one of my speakers fixed because I hate the idea of wasting time at the dealership. My closet is always clean, but often I just fold a bunch of t-shirts in a stack on my bed, because it seems pointless to put them in the closet, especially now that I spend a lot of time in my home office.

Organized or disorganized? I don’t know. I always tell people I’m disorganized, they tell me I’m delusional. Maybe its just a matter of perspective?