Just visiting


Just dropped by to get a dip of the ENTJ experience, only to find that the first result for “ENTJ forum” on duckduckgo.com is full of chirping crickets. I suspect this might actually be (at least in part) because of how few non-ENTJs there are on here. Personality Cafe’s ENTJ forum seems a bit more active than this, and I wonder if it isn’t because of the crossover from other types. Somebody else here suggested it might be because, as go-getting extroverts, ENTJs might be more inclined to consume the content a forum provides rather than generate a lot themselves. Well, INTPs are certainly a cure for that one…

I’ve also notice, even in the short time I’ve been here, at least two cases of ENTJs asking “how can I do x?” when the correct “answer” to their question is “um, are you sure you want to do x?” I think ENTJs might benefit from an INTP’s perspective, even if I can’t provide much insight into the ENTJ experience myself. (To the best of my knowledge, I don’t know any ENTJs in real life.) And you guys might give me some insight into how you guys operate. There is nothing an INTP likes more than getting more knowledge, unless it’s using that knowledge to help other people.

So, I guess I’ll hang around so long as it amuses me. From what I’ve seen, there’s about one new post a day if we’re lucky, so it’ll be fairly easy for me to keep on top of things. We’ll see.