Is English your second language?
What is your first?
How many languages can you speak?


I’m a native English speaker.

I’ve studied Esperanto, Latin, and French in an academic sense, but I don’t practice them.

I was married to a Russian, and she taught me a bit of the language; I have the grammar and vocabulary skills of a perverted 5-year old–she swears like a sailor. Coincidentally, Russian is surprisingly similar to Latin in its grammar, so knowing the latter gave me a leg up on the former.


Ironically English is my first language, even though I grew up in India, but I am fluent in Hindi, can understand Sindhi and Marathi, and have a basic grasp of German. Would brush up all of these, except I don’t really see a practical value. Might learn Spanish since I do live in a border state… though I have learnt to speak Texan over the past few years


English is really the only language I know well. I used to know french back in school, but I’ve forgotten most of it. It wasn’t really worth teaching, but it’s one of our official languages, so I learned it anyways. I’m really considering learning Italian and German if by chance I go back to Europe.


i often find english very beautiful language to learn( although not my native language), as well as other Latin languages (although im not so good at speaking). Strange, i have never interested in any Asian languages ( especially chinese or languages that use alike systems- Japanese… maybe because im not interested in the people, except Japanese, and some southern asian coutries). i dont want to have any prejugdice when i meet a person ,but they seem to prove me that i was always right, sadly.

i found out that northern indian speak english very terribly (maybe due to the Hindi accent?), while southern indian is totally the opposite- very clear and standard British english. Maybe because they are affected by English since India was conquered by them. and also, english is official language there.
Ah yes, southern indian men look good too. :mrgreen:


Uh-oh… I’m north indian… :sunglasses: But I have a number of south Indian friends too, unfortunately they are all married or else I would set you up…


My first language is English. I’m a native English speaker. I speak Mandarin and understand some Fujian. I just know a bunch of colourful lines I use on some people I know - just to get a rise out of them! I am not inclined to learning any new languages, unless I absolutely have to.


So you are Taiwanee living in UK?


So let me curve my tongue and edit my words:
Indian men are good looking ( both south and north indians), EXCEPT ComplexMango! :mrgreen:

This is not a problem at all, you can tell them to leave their wife and introduce them to me! ( i can imagine the scence that you on the way running with a tons of women following…to shoot or throw arrows, wow! great! :laughing: )
just kidding! now seriously, i think im done with indian men now, no more!


My native language is English though I’ve dabbled in German and Spanish :slight_smile:


I imagine it more like chasing him with axes and poleaxes. Chopping him piece by piece while he’s running, until he’s unable to run anymore due to the lack of body parts. Then they having him on sticks, grilled, and eaten too (no evidence, no prosecution).



The version of fujian spoken in taiwan is far far nicer than the version I am used to. I watched a travel progamme on Taiwan and I realised I understand fujian spoken in Taiwan, but not every word.

Sometime ago I met a Chindian… half chinese half (southern) indian person. He is a native english speaker, but he is fluent in mandarin and fujian, omg he puts me to shame! Would someone likes this appeal to you? :wink: Oh…you’re done with Indian men.


great! i love pictures. Pictures worth a thousand words actually!

PS: why dont you edit your signature again like a normal person? This one is not good at all!




I think the variety of different languages and cultures is very interesting and that is the reason why I opened this topic up. I want to get to know others here better and share small bits of information and create constructive conversation.

I also think that it would be ‘nice’ if these things you are both starting to cause tension about could be PM’d rather than bringing it out into the public during a slow-phase discussion about language and ect. No offense intended. Please stay on topic.


construcive conversation? is there any of my posts posted had a destructive construction to you? about language or people? pls state it? as i personally can not figure it out myself. just what i did REALLY think of it. just that!
i do really think that every person has their own thoughts and whether they want to state them out is a different story. they say: the ugly truth. and i do agree think this is so true. most people do say they love a “constructive opinion” but in fact, they just want the interculator to either " say what they feel good " or " can not handle the truth". i suspect it’s still right now.
tension? that’s your feelings about this. sorry, i dont think it is. but i agree that what i talked to wasabi should be PMed rather than in your topic. will remove it!


There is nothing pointedly ‘destructive’ about your posts. That was aimed at Was.
I totally support open speech and intellectual conversation.
I think it was less of a feeling thing and more of a solid and logical deduction of where the conversation was probably going to go based on past experience.
What is your first language?