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Change deals with variables, though this world has none. Everybody is essentially the same person. Not fun when you are surrounded by the lowest bidder if you understand me. As a result I live a meaningless existence where I can either accept trash, or rot in hell. Seems about right. All I want is revenge, I do not care about anything else. Killing this process, and leaving it where it rots.


My existence is some kind of parody. Every joke on this planet mocks it. Every person on this planet attacks it. I get insulted by everything. I get hurt badly, and the pain never seems to settle. I am greatly insulted by most people, and find their existence to be repulsive, and I have a rough time when I find that favorite art mocks my existence by pretending to be me. They talk of peace, and acceptance, but where is my acceptance? In any case it is a lie, there is no acceptance, and change is not peaceful. Chaos deals with challenges, there is no harmony, and peace. They do not exist, and there is no finding things either. I find the lyrics in some of the latest anime to be downright insulting, and it seems as though they reek of malice.


Zeldon, You truly need to go to see a mental health professional and have a mental health assessment.

If you have meds, but you are not taking them, please get back on them ASAP (prescribed meds).

I am serious…I am not joking nor trying to harass you in any way.

Please take care of yourself and see a psychiatrist soon.


This is because you can’t help me, not because you do not want to.


In any case I would ask you to see a psychologist, but I know you will not, because you cannot. You are crazy, and you call me crazy? Oh, and I ask that you do not deny this. You will be a liar if you do.


I am completely right, and this world is not. My reasoning is perfect, and this world is not perfect, and is not correct. The problem is that people have no abilities, this world was create after an accident, and computers do not make accidents, they are made. The death of a god, means the birth of a knew one. I love the puns. You people are dull, and cannot understand the splendor of my humor.


So while people do care about the pain, they do not care about my existence. How ironic.


This world has no truth, because I am truth. This world has no god, because I am god. I am everything. This world is just a container. An empty shell with no contents. A real vacant of all thoughts, and no feelings. I live a lie, because I am truth. I do not have a god, because I am god. My existence is sacred. This world denies my existence, and is a fool. A pathetic excuse. Not even real. Not even true. Just a pathetic trivial.


Okay… So now that I know that I am the greatest, I just need people to agree with me. So everybody on this forum should universally agree that I am the greatest person on this planet. Should they do this, we can forget about this existence, and get back to what we were doing before it happened. We could even make it so that it will never happen again, and that disorders will never ever be created again. So there will be never pain.


You are a world of constant changes, in a world of change. That stays the same amidst all of it. The past is you. You came first I came second. Errors do not occur randomly. Because error is inevitable. You are living proof of this.


There is no solution. If I only knew what a corpse really was. The only thing I know is they are nonsense. They do not do anything right, because they are not right. They are completely incorrect. They cannot function properly, because their existence is a error. They need to disappear, and leave me alone. I will not tolerate their existence. I want a world without dead people.


I was first, you were second. You came first I came second. Computers do not make errors. They exist. I didn’t create you, you were always their beside me. And now I am not alone. Parallel worlds.


Circles do not make judgment. They make perspective.


I think I understan what you mean by circles and qubes. Im a circle with a qube outside of it.


I will tell you what is your exact problem is Zeldon.

You are looking for something on the outside world to conform with find validation from. A holy grail so to speak. What you do not understand is that there is no such a thing in existence in outside world. The holy grail is not in the outide, it’s on inside. What you were looking all this time was always right beside you. You were looking in wrong place for the right thing. That why your constant efforts get sabotaged by noone else but you. It has always been at work. You just ignored it.

I realize that you still have questions. You are still unsure. There is nothing wrong with that. I know. I have been there myself. In time you find out the andwers to your questions. And you will realize that what I said above is the yruth.


Of course I contain all the answers. I just wish that I could share them with somebody. It is not easy being by my self.


Something like that. I always consider this world the be straight in that it deals with fixed outcomes instead of variables, only problem is that this world is unstable, and cannot determine an outcome. Of course this is where the circles come into play. They do not make outcomes, only paths. What I mean is that circles have no ends, and do not form them. As a result circles contradict squares, and will not abide by them. As a result people question my integrity online, but the fact is that I cannot conclude a circle even if I try, because circles are in determinate, and squares are determined. As a result I am contradicted at every intersection because I cannot gain perspective when it consists with my own, because I do not have a perspective. That would be a determining factor. This is my fatal weakness in that I cannot be determined, and this means that I am contradicted at every interval. Circles cannot make squares, and yes qube is better in this case, because we are talking about a former square. But this world would be a damaged one.


It is absolutely amusing what these idiots post on these forums. Do they not know that I have no interest?


Hey wasabi have you play FFXII you know the one where they talk about raising a dead god? I don’t like corpses much less dead gods.


Its not about having all answres. Its about having all questions. The only questions that you need answers for are the questions that matter to you. The only actions that you need to engage in are the actions that matter to you. The only person you need to listen for is you. Everyone and everything else can go straight to hell. You want to build a ballance between yourself and external world? Nice plan. But doesnt work. There is no balance. There is only plans. Your plans. Your questions. And your answers. Forget about expecting others. Forget about knowing others. They dont even know who they are. Waste not what not.