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You cannot destroy something that is more powerful than your own will. You can manage it better, but never stop it.

It is your logical side that does not understand the temporarily, not your emotional side. If what you said was true, then people could never stop anger once they got into rage. But this is not what happens. The only reason why you whallow in it, is because your mind fails to direct it into right direction. Emotions are like destructive power. If you fail to manage them, they will manage you.

This is what happens when mind fails and emotions take over. Emotions don’t know that they cannot take it to their graves. Mind knows. Well at least a well trained mind knows. When mind fails, fear takes over.

If emotions do understand that mind does its best and that any suggestion from emotions will lead to change in policy, then there is no argument between the two. Mind can’t be expected to do better. It already does the best what it can. If emotions can’t have any better suggestion, perhaps they also can stop being counterproductive by putting stick in the wheels of the mind. Or at least give it some chance. Emotions will never consciously try to thwart minds attempts to better what they have. Why? Because emotions don’t have any other choice. And interestingly, actions do speak for themselves. You just have to not lose the control over actions. Otherwise emotions will trample you.

I have hard time dealing with my own emotions, leave alone with people’s.


You should know that my logical side is emotion, and my emotional side is logical. What I mean is that fundaments are logic, and emotion is based on mobility. Of course people say that emotion is intuition. Now if this is true, then I do not have any fundamental logic. Logic is emotion. Because logic is non existent.


Perhaps you can call them conscience and sub conscience. Logic = conscience, emotion = sub conscience.

When your conscience fails and loses control, then your sub conscience takes over. Since subconsciousness does not deal with external world, it does not derive from it and makes faulty judgments. Maybe sometimes not, but still, most of the time. The reason why your subconsciousness (or emotions) take over, is because your conscience fails to direct it otherwise. It is the lapses in conscience that allow subconscience to take over. You should focus on these lapses rather than teaching subconsciece to act differently. The chances that you will fail are too high and may not be feasible at your current situation.

How am I dealing with that? I focus on the purpose at hand. And derive decisions based on that purpose. For example your girlfriend and guys near her example. Here how I would apply. If you want her, I would ask myself. What is the way to approach her? Should I just move forward and ask? What is the purpose of the guys be there? What is the guys aim to invoke in me? What kind of emotion? Does the emotion they try to invoke in me help me to deal better with my purpose? And if it does not, then what is the purpose of letting that emotion to take over? What benefit it will create? What will it take? If it takes more than it gives, then I ignore it. Move on. Consider the guys and their behaviors non-existent. Avoid contact with them. Avoid talking about them. Avoid thinking about them. Focus on my initial purpose. How far have I advanced so far? What are the next steps? How successful am I with my steps? How can I improve them? Does the feedbacks I am receiving from her worth pursuing it? So on…and so forth.

As you can see, once I made up my mind about the guys (and it doesn’t have to be in logical way…it will suffice to have any way that will not allow my emotions get in my way…such as pretending these guys don’t exist, their actions never happened, they was never born, I never asked for their names etc…just avoid anything about them altogether), there is no way I am getting back to them. And even if I will, that should somehow work for my purpose. If it does not, then you will never see me with them. Same applies to your dad. Same applies to any person on the planet. Focus on things that you can do. On things that you can accomplish. And how much of it have you progressed. How can it be improved more.

Soon or later you will realize that emotions are not related to tangible facts. And more often than not, they are an obstacle than a helper. Use it that way. You will never miss.

You will become unstoppable.


Mobility is emotion. Logic deals with solid facts, not fiction that is often confused as facts. What I mean is that people say facts, but they mean opinion, because facts do not exist. They are solid. Logic is solid, inflexible. People often relate the senses with concrete informations. These are logical constructs. But reality does not deal with logic. Reality is based on emotion, and emotional impulses are what govern everyone on the planet. This explains their constant drive for mobility, yet logic is immobile, and has no impulse. The people on this planet are not logical, they are emotional constructs that are govern by impulsive desires. They have no will, and cannot fathom the consequences of their actions. As a result people are unreliable, and unstable. Meaning that chaos is what governs all properties in the universe. This means that actions cannot be predicted, and everything is random. If I take action, consequence will ensure. My existence will be erased, and everything I know will be rendered into nothingess.


One word; Curiousity.

This is what creates mobility with me. I let other emotions die, to let my curiosity to thrive. Logic only feeds my curiosity. And above this all, my desire to make every second in this world count. Because I believe we only exist once. Wasting time is illogical. We have to fill our time with meaning. And the best meaning is…curiosity. It binds consciense with subconsciense. This is what creates mobility. Everything else is passive existence, and it is chaotic.


The need for mobility is an amotional desire. What I mean is that all existence is not motional, and is therefore still. There is no meaning in existence. People live because they have no other choice. It would be chaotic to fuel such impulses. There is no need to exist, people only crave desires because of what they feel. This has nothing to do with their abilities to reason, and is detrimental to their well being. People bring about their suffering, because they believe that existence is worth living, and mistaken it for significant. This is not rational, and is extremely chaotic. Order only comes from within, and rational people know that existence is not worth living. It is a hinderence to their well being. And is insignificant. The only thing life causes is suffering, if a person does not exist, then they need not suffer for their well being. Wasting time is illogical, because time does not exist. It is a hinderence to ones well being. People need nothing. They crave nothing. They will not exist without it. It will consume them, and cause them to die. They will not exist long, and soon their pain will come to an end.


Lack of evidence of the purpose of life, is not evidence of no purpose.


Neither of its non purpose.




Just a what? Thats kinda dull. If this existence had a purpose, I wouldn’t be here. So I would think that would be evident enough. Don’t ya think?


My idiot father is coming over… He is not going to pay attention to me, and will probably sob over himself. I fucking hate him, and wish he would leave me the fuck alone. Now I am going to have to deal with this, maybe I will lock my door, but my mom will most likely bother me, and I will have a fight if I do not comply. This is not good considering that I am a pacifist, and dislike violence, yet I will be forced to deal with it if I do not comply, they will attack me, and cause problems. This is depression.


No. I don’t think so. And besides, I don’t see a connection. If the existence had a purpose you wouldn’t be here? There is no connection between those two.


Again, you are focusing on emotions, because you have no conscience to control it. Your father, good or bad, still could be useful for something. That something is up for you to find.


Assuming there is something to find, and no I do not think he is useful. I don’t think use is a right word to describe this universe.


Thats precisely my point. There is no connection. You can think what you want, I am just stating facts. Opinions do not concern me.


If he’s good with money (means doesn’t spend on stupid things and don’t listens anyone who oppose) and listens to reason from people…he is obviously useful. You don’t know what use he might have…that’s your deficiency. Not his. (although his deficiency is in finding a proper place in this life (just like you), but we are not been means to be able to deal with everything alone…so my point stands).


So you throwing me some nonsensical explanation to my logical conclusion, and when I ask you to clarify, you throw another nonsense and expect me to go along with it? How stupid do you think I am?

Whatever purpose this existence has/has not…we are not sure about that. And the only way to be sure about that is to explore it. The more we explore the more chances we will have to reach the answer. And the best way is the most efficient way.

And besides, if you choice to do nothing and sit there on your ass and think “there is no purpose”…what a dull life that will be isn’t it? I mean, why bother, just take your own life and end it. Why prolong it? But the question still boggles the human mind…what if not?

And just because you are in bad situation, that does not automatically formulate into “there is no purpose”. Maybe there is a purpose, but you are unable to cope with it? Perhaps the reasons are for those who are able to get there. If you do not, then the purpose does not relate to you. Or perhaps it does, but we don’t know yet. The thing when you deal with the unknown is that it could be anything. The variables could be so many, that we might not even guess the questions now. Does that mean that there is no purpose? Could be. But we have to spend efforts to find the answer to that question…before we dismiss it.


Yeah I am sure my dad has 1 billion dollars, he just doesn’t want to spend a fraction of it on me, of course my dad has money, but he will not give a large sum, and does not send money often. Of course he has no compassion for me, and is only fond of himself. He wants people to suck his balls.


It is not non sensical. There really is no connection. Of course this explains why I have to do something just to change my circumstances. Normally I wouldn’t have to do a damn thing, and of course another problem is that I am given no answers, and no advantages. I have no leverage, so I have to suck up to some sack of shit, and to make matters worse… I cannot survive on my own. This means I will lose my identity, and end up forgetting everything I would have valued for some system that failed me. Yeah… Like I could ever consign myself to that. In any case, I do not have a choice. I can either kill myself, or wait. I do not want to die. I just want every person on this planet to die.


I mean managing money. As in spending it wisely. Some stupid people spend it without consideration for the future. You know…live in the day.