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No it does not explain anything. As I stated before, the variables could be so many and so vast that you can’t even imagine what they can be. And just because the system does not fit to your expectations, it does not mean it has no purpose. Maybe it does somewhere, but there are so many layers you need to uncover before you reach it, that it makes absolutely no sense to you now to even be able to imagine it. Lack of imagination is not an indicator that something out there does not even possible exist!


He has money, he just won’t give it to me. I can manage my own money.


No it doesn’t exist. The point is that it is best not to burst bridges. I think I would rather focus on things that I enjoy, and not have to deal with something that I cannot control. You understand this right? I mean really… I have seen enough bullshit, and have lived through it. I have people shitting in my backyard on a daily basis, and the worst part is that they expect me to be their pooper scooper.


I thought you were trying to point out the irony.

By has money…you mean big money? Or just small enough to survive? And what he sobs for then anyway?


My father wants his attention. He is a lunatic. Yes my father has big money, he has it everywhere, and he does not give a penny to me, maybe small change on an occasion, but this is usually in a check, and he expects me to cash it. He cries over his problems, but these are not problems, he just wants attention. He does not have problems, he is perfectly normal in all aspects. He is just crazy. I should also point out that he is fat, and ugly. And looks like a rotten corpse. He also broke his two legs. He did it on purpose just to get attention.


Have you ever watched an illusionist show? How things looked different and impossible, but when you actually listened to the explanation of how they did it, it immediately made sense.

This is the deceptive nature of things that surround us. Just an illusionist plays his game to entertain us, life might be playing just the same game. We don’t know for sure of course, but it’s still a possibility. And the same actually happens in science too. Back few centuries ago, people firmly believed that the world was flat, but it turned out to be round. How do you think those people who believed that the world was flat should have react to the world now? Should they hold on to their firm beliefs, or be more open minded? This is all I ask too. Be more open minded. Be open to the possibilities.

I do realize that life could place a pile of shit on your doorstep. I don’t think this is happening only to you. But that is not a good enough reason to be closed minded. I think this is a matter of self respect to be honoring yourself to the truth. What kind of person in this world would not want the best for themselves? Isn’t it? And I believe they certainly would not that happen to them consciously. If they do, it might be just because of lack of self respect. I do not think this is the right course of action.


Thats funny… Do you really believe that the world is round? I mean it looks flat enough to me. Take a hint? Of course I have no idea what caused this catastrophe, but I do not care. The fact is that I have been fucked, and I am taking out all my anger on this disaster in hopes of a better future. You can say I do not care. Of course I do care, but I only care about my self. I like to benefit at the expense of others, and find tragedies to be laughable funny, I should also point out that my father is the reverse. He is a saint, and has billions of friends. He is worshiped like a god at my expense.


So we are communicating through the subconscious. As you have noticed we cannot seem to click. Getting frustrated? I am always frustrated. Do I have to molest somebody? See what I am getting at? I always wanted to have a conscious conversation with somebody, and not a game of lick the balls.


In any case people will not stop bothering until this world comes to an end.


Of course I’m getting frustrated.

This on-line forum thing pisses me off to no end. I’m not used to converse through texting. I prefer face to face debate. Then I can tell if they person is trying to be funny, or making fun of me.

Have you even read your comment about world is flat thing? Re-read it again. Does it make any sense to you? If we were talking face to face, you would know that you can’t fuck with me like that. And you wouldn’t attempt to do it either. That clears up alot of useless talk and helps getting to the point.

I told you about instant messaging thing. But obviously you don’t take it seriously. And I don’t allow frustrations take me over. If it doesn’t go, then it doesn’t.


It makes perfect sense to me. I deal with squared routes, and this world is a circle. So what? In any case I do not like face to face conversations, I wouldn’t even be able to communicate worth a fuck. Because you wouldn’t even listen to me anyways. You would basically ask me question like have you committed suicide? Or maybe you would ask me if I had thoughts on revenge, or maybe you would ask me to paint a picture, maybe you would give me crayons, maybe you would do that blob test. I am sure you would have plenty of fun fucking with me.


In any case I am a square, and this world is a circle. Circles move, and squares do not. They rotate… I do not move, I rotate. As I have stated before primary numerals deal with circular motion, but squares are not primary. I am not a circle, and this world is circular motion. Motion that is still. Meaning of course that it is undefined motion. It has no direction. It is still, because nothing moves it. I am not motion, and will not move. This world is motion, and will not move.


Well he is here right now… I really do not want to deal with this. I wish that people would listen to me, or at least leave me alone.


Yeah they are harassing me… I only hope this ends soon. I am in so much pain thanks to his random decision. It would have been nice if he consulted with me 3 way through my mother if he wanted to come over, and I would have of course declined. I would prefer it if he sends me money, and in cash not check. I also would prefer it if he sent it through mail, and did not show up at my doorstep with it. This would be of great assistance, and I believe this is the only way to live. I do not need his concern, if he cannot demonstrate his trustworthiness, then he can at least give me some peace.


And now he is sleeping over because I did not give him attention… Guys… I want to puke. I am really sick right now.


You will not have any purpose, untill you decide to give yourself one.


I do not want a purpose. I want to be free.


If you want to live in human society and be free, you have to pay for it.


I do not want to be in human society. I need to get away from it. I want it to disappear. More like I want it to unlearn itself. It would be nice if this world would disappear. I can’t stand anybody.


There is no point in debating that.