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Did you read your own damn post? You are so damn useless… It because of idiots like you that I stay in isolation. Your worthless. You don’t do a damn thing, your just a lazy whore that gets her jollies off of fucking every guy on the planet, because you need so much goddamn attention.


I did read my post. Then yours. Then again mine. And then again yours. And I’m still having no clue what you mean. This is not a joke. I really don’t know what you tried to say with that “what the hell did you get this produce”? What did I get to produce. What does that mean? How can I produce. Do you mean what are my actions end up producing what? Or I get something produced elsewhere? Or something else that doesn’t even come to my mind. If you mean what I do with my way of thinking, then I can tell you I do alot of things. It’s not much however, I can concede on that. But I definitely can tell that it is improving the situation that I would be just like you are in right now and even more.

I do not do this for attention. I’m just curious to know how is it going to end up for you.


Listen wasabi… I just fucking want this to end, I have suffered tremendously… I just don’t want to suffer, but that it… All I fucking want is to end this fucking hell… I am on death row… I am being fried by billions of fucking vaults on a fucking electric chair, and yet I am being keep alive constantly, in order to endure the worst fucking pain imaginable… I am completely fucked… My mind is completely fucked… Wasabi… I just don’t want to feel pain… That is fucking it… I don’t even know why I am here in the first place, and I wish I was never alive… If I could be nothing forever… But nothing lasts forever… I just want to kill everything that causes me pain… That is all… I just don’t want any access baggage… If I die, I want to take everything with me, so I do not have to suffer it again… I want to destroy everything… I want kill everything… I want to die… I do not want anything… I just want to kill all the pain…


Now allow me to explain the reason why I am still here… 50% Because I do not want to die prematurely, and 49% because I do not want to cause pain in any deliberate fashion.


I do not think you can stop any of the mentioned things above.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t change the way you deal with it. You can limit your exposure to it and find some other means combating it whenever you can.


Or I could keep posting until it ends. Which is soon I would imagine.


If that is the best you can do…go ahead.


That is the best I can do… Or try perhaps? Since I don’t really do anything… Wasabi I try things, you do things… Now we are getting somewhere correct?


So wasabi, when I say you don’t do anything… What I mean is that you do not try anything, therefore you are useless.


If this is the best you can do…why do you try?


What would you want me to do?


I don’t want you doing anything. I want you to try something… Also could truth actually mean tryth?


Try what?


I don’t know… Kinda embarrassing… Lets see… Try giving me pleasure.



Wow… I guess I really am unlucky… Or maybe it is you who is fucking with me? What kind of guy puts a female avatar on his user name? Maybe you really are gay, or maybe you are just lying to me? I mean that if you are male, you should never use a female avatar. Wasabi is a feminine name too in my account. Maybe you should try changing your user name for starters.


Listen guys… If a female I like happens to be a guy that got a sex change… As long as I feel good, who fucking cares? Its not like I need to know this shit anyways…


As I have stated before… I do not need to know a person gender online, because I wouldn’t believe them even if I was told. I do not know people online, so its fun to pretend, is it not? For all you people could possible know, I may not even be male, though I will state I am male, its up to you on whether I am believed no?


Hey guys! Wasabi wants to attack my publicity… Can you fucking believe that? I didn’t know I was famous.


As I have stated before… I am through with pulling punches, if you people insist on fucking with me, I will destroy all of you.