Last spot...


Meh… More noise outside my window… It seems I will have to end their existence to the last bit… Wow… I wish it was easier.


I am just gonna get a few games at this point. Should have done this a year ago, but I got too addicted to the pain. I thought I might just “poof the magic dragon”… Sigh… It is too bad.


Sqirm in pain you son of bitch! You talk about pain, but you don’t know paint. Shut the fuck up and go away!


Yeah… I wish you would go away… You are such a pest. The only pain is you… If you did not exist, I wouldn’t have to suffer for your vanity affairs. You lousy whore. Your so full of shit. Not a damn thing means anything to you, because you don’t mean anything at all. You are meaningless… Your existence is a failure. You were not meant to be… You are a failure.


Well I guess I will get back to some gaming.


My existence is no more failrue than yours are. The difference is that I realize that there is no point in whining like a bitch which you are, and instead I decided to fight with all I have to even have some chance (whatever that chance out there might be). Not only that, I read most of your posts and understood in what kind of shitty situation that you are in and decidesided to e and forget about it if you delete all related stupid posts about it? You are not just a guy with problems, d to share the information that might help you out and how thank me for doing that? Boasting with your gay shit despite the fact that I agrred to put it a


You do not desrve to be in your situation by the birth, but you deserve to be there because you an ungrateful son of bith! Until you stop acting the way you do, there will be no mercy on my part for you.


Sure… Give me a reason to be grateful. The only thing I know is pain, or am I supposed to be happy that I suffer? If so then I question that. Since there isn’t anything desirable about pain, simply because it doesn’t feel good… How can I be grateful for something that doesn’t feel good… That is insanity.


I wish you would just give up and die. That would be more useful then fighting.


In any case you are confusing me with bull shit, and I wish you would quite your accusations. You don’t know a fucking thing about me.


You dont understand anything I’m telling to you. This is on top of you bein an asshole. You just dont get it. You either a stupid person, either toying with me, or simply not ready to absorb this kind of information.


No matter how much you whine about your situation, no amount of time is enough to solve it by itself. The only logical solution is to put it aside and focus on things you can do.

Do you understand the meaning of the sentences above?


The answer is no. I do not understand the meaning of the sentence above.


The only idiot is you. Maybe you should go get your brain examined.


That’s what I thought.

The thing that you don’t get Zeldon, is that no matter how much you fight with your pain, you will never be able to get rid of it. You know why? Because this is the part of who you are. You can’t just chop a part of yourself and throw it away. You can’t do that. Even if you drug yourself, it will come with consequences. The point is, you will never be able to get rid of it. It will always interfere with your life. It will make you sad, it will make you pathetic, it will make you even angry and there is nothing you can do about that. There is only one thing you can do about that and that is to put into correct priorities. You can try to limit your interactions with people, especially those who cause disturbances on your other (emotional) self. You can avoid discussions that will create a negative impact on your other self. This is the only thing you can do.

Have you seen the episode of star trek the original series called “the enemy within”. I suggest you to watch it. It talks exactly about the two parts of a human being. The animalistic side that governs the mental energy sources. And the logical side that only gives directions but never becomes the source of the energy.

You should also watch the movie called “The Beautiful Mind”. It’s about a genius who sees people who aren’t there. These imaginary people almost destroy his life. He never believes that they aren’t real. Until one day, he realizes that they never get old. After that day, he refuses to talk with them. He can’t ignore them. Obviously. He still sees them. But he refuses to interact with them. And that helps him to focus on things that really matter.


You really do not seem to understand… Nothing lasts forever. Life is temporal. Soon this pain will go away, and everything will be forgotten. My existence is inconsequential. This is an absolute undeniable fact.


Eternity is a myth… Nothing lasts forever. Everything is temporal, nothing is absolute.


That why you have to make every second count. You shouldn’t waste your time on things that don’t produce anything in the end. Pain is one of those things.


And what our temporal existence has to do with this? We are talking about here and now.


Wasabi… I ask you this… What is the one question you cannot answer?