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You seem to know a lot of people wasabi… You get around?


Do I know alot of people? Not as many as I want it to be. But enough to know that majority don’t like their motives to be questioned.


I do not know the majority, and neither do you. When you say people, you are covering yourself up with a mask. Aside from that even if you did know the majority, you would not be able to judge their motives. This means you will have no comprehension on what they mean. The same here… I have no idea what anybody means. I only know that I do not like most of the responses I receive online, but this does not mean anything to me.


You absolutely right when you look at things this way. I do not know the majority or even capable of making judgments about their motives. But that fact simply goes without saying. This is the way most people apparently communicate. They make judgments based on their experiences with people so far. Does that hold any weight. Well if you look at how successful they are with communicating with people with least amount of difficulties, that probably means something isn’t it?

I do not like online forums either. I find it very difficult to express my ideas when I cannot instantly interfere and clarify the little parts that will help me to shape an idea about the person. That why I asked you to join on instant messaging service. Because I need those little clues. And what did you do as a response for that? You didn’t just ignore it, you also decided to make fun of it. How do you expect me to react to this? Should I skin you? Perhaps. But that is not feasible at this moment.


Its called fanning out bullshit. Which is pretty much everything I read on the internet. No wasabi it does not matter where we communicate. The results are the same. Everything you type, the same bullshit over and over again… You and every body else on this planet.


You don’t know everybody else on the planet. Now I call that fanning out of bullshit too.


Sure I do… You are everybody on this planet. How about that wise guy.


If I’m everybody on this planet, then you can’t object when I say that majority don’t like their motives questioned. :laughing:

Works both ways.


No I said you cannot judge peoples motives. Not perceive them. If you said that everybody does not like their motives questioned, but you stated that the majority do not… This is not a judgment, it is a perception.


I wasn’t judging. I was perceiving too. Just like you do. As I said, it goes without saying.


As I have mentioned before, I am seeking out facts. I am not interested in perception. I only want concrete evidence on what is correct. Like if you say I should trust somebody, I will never take your word for it, but if that person offered me some form of payment perhaps… But I do not like to work for nothing. I prefer being rewarded for my efforts, but this world provides me with nonsense, and I cannot abide by that… 6 billion people, and not a single one can help me? Now that simply means that people are not very unique,


Most of the time perception is the only thing that you have. Which is related to my second answer:


Most of the time evidences are not easily seen. They may require individual effort to be discovered. And sometimes they require collective effort to be discovered. Sometimes like you said, it is the paycheck that awaits at the end of that effort (collective, individual or otherwise), sometimes it is only the truth that awaits you at the end, and sometimes it is both. What matters is that you use all your abilities to the best to maximize your truth seeking potential. This is what you are looking for after all isn’t it?


Beats me. I do not understand it either. Maybe the reason for that isn’t because people have some hidden agenda, but simply because they lack of any agenda (including the one that includes their own goodwill). In that case, we are all in a very very deep trouble.


I know… It is painful. My father has caused me great pain, and he keeps saying well your in hanford… There is no justice in this world. People get away with anything. I get kicked around, and the only reason why I do not act, is because they will destroy me if I do. I am completely powerless. Nobody pays attention to me, and I am helpless. I cannot bear with my existence, yet I cannot accept theirs… This is painful. I end up stuck with ugly stupid people, and they won’t let me near the ones I like. Because they keep getting in my way. I want them to stay away from me, and leave me in peace.


Wasabi… Growing up I have always been harassed by people wanting my attention. The problem is that I did not get to choose who I wanted to associate with, people made decisions for me, and did not consult with me. This is part of the reason why I have completely lost it. Lets put it this way, I get the female of my dreams only to get harassed by some bouncer. Now normally I would consider killing this bastard, or avoiding him. The problem is that there is no opportunities that present themselves to me. I mean that there will be a bouncer guarding that female I might want, and I will have to put up with him. This means I cannot have a relationship without going through some bastard, and the female will cheat on me. I know this for a absolute fact.


There are three levels of destruction. Physical, emotional and financial. Given the volatility of emotion, their quickly changing nature, independece and lack of proper connection with outer world, I find emotional destruction to be the least destructive one. Given that I keep my course on my purposes, emotions will always tag along. Interestingly, the most destructive one of these three becomes emotions when there are no purpose attached to it. Let no emotions sway you from your purpose, or be destroyed by the same emotions who just swayed you.


Emotions=Dangerous servant and fearful master.


I have been trying to destroy them for years, but I cannot seem to comprehend them. The problem with feelings is that they do not understand temporality, and see things as inevitable. While things are inevitable, that does not mean that they are significant. Confusing significance, with that in mind, a person is driven by a desire of gain, and fails to comprehend the measures that proceed such gains. I mean that people take actions of no benefit, and question themselves. Knowing that they could always do better. If they can always do better, then no action should be beneficial. Because actions do not speak for themselves. As a result, people do not learn from the past, and continue to repeat the same cycle over and over again. They do not understand life, and therefore believe it to be significant, but there cannot be significance in life. It is fundamental in all aspects… A person cannot deny themselves, this is because life is a prison, and people exist against their will. So people do not have free will, and life exists as a containment parameter. People are slaves to their own shell, and have no significance to their love.


It really does bother me that most people on this planet are ugly, and extremely stupid. I mean that most people are stupid. They are ugly, and they are stupid. Ugly stupid people…