Least favourite non-rational type to interact with


Often rationals are horribly misunderstood by the various other types and I am interested to hear your experiences concerning such things.

I have found SJ's (protectors) to be very restrictive and dismissive in many respects... Particularly ISTJ's in my experience :neutral_face:


This is true...I think I was married to one and he tried to control me in every way! That is not love. He was dismissive of any new thought and stifled our marriage.


One of my grandmothers was an ISTJ, and so is a friends wife, and another acquaintance. My experience has been that while I couldn't be married to one (or any SJ/Guardian for that matter), I actually don't mind talking to 'T' Guardians... or 'T's in general. The SFJs and the NFs frustrate me the most. I find that ISTJs are often pretty smart, and can be engaged in interesting conversation. The ones I know definitely don't like going against convention, but are generally willing to reason things out. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean they ever change their minds, but their rationale does rest on something more than 'a feeling', so I feel like I can handle them.


Yeah true, those feeling SJ's are simply foreign to me... I simply engage in basic exchanges with an ESFJ I know, because she seems to talk about such seemingly superficial things :sunglasses:


I don't think I can pin one type down. I can get along with one ESTJ great while another one will make me sick. Basically I can get along with any sane person regardless of type. By sane I mean a person with a healthy self confidence, who is not irrational and who doesn't have malice.




I can see that just by looking at you...you have a very friendly face indeed!


I just can’t tolerate ESFJs. They just completely piss me off with their lack of creativity and conventional as well as conservative mindsets. Now through my life experiences, not all SJs are bad in fact some ISTJs and ESTJs can be pretty cool people. However, ESFJs lack of logical thinking and creativity are relationship breakers for me. I highly value creativity, ingenuity, innovation, and logic which are usually things they don’t have. And then they’re so quick to tell me how “wrong” my approaches are because I don’t think or act like them. They’re such a pain in the arse…


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In my experience STJs (E is a little worst, but I are no prize either) are about as bad as it gets. When inexperienced in using their own minds (as most people are) they are as sure and as directive as yourself, but their limited views of reality (product of ‘J’ jumping into conclusions and ‘S’ lack of abstraction) tend to make them wrong most of the time.

You should avoid all but the better developed STJs. And if they happen to be on your way, crush them fast, cause they are not likely to either compromise or grow out of their own misconceptions. You’ve been warned.


I find ESFJs challenging to deal with beyond a superficial level.


Yes, ESFJs have been the most challenging type for me too. Incredibly frustrating at times.


SFs… one of my bestfriends is ISFJ though… :stuck_out_tongue:

and neurotic NFs.

I like ISTJs. Just “like”.