Mad Men


My quick analysis of the NTs I’ve detected so far in Season 1 of Mad Men:

Don Draper - ENTP
Rachel Mencken - ENTJ


PS - I find the Rachel Mencken character to be one of the most attractive women on tv I’ve seen in a long time. Not just the temperament profile - I think the actress is really stunning. Should admit I’ve only seen 9-10 episodes… hopefully she doesn’t turn out to be as messed up as the rest of the people on the show.


My self david wilson, I am big fan american TV show, I watched Mad Men TV series , its a interested TV show and a comedy TV show…
I watched some episodes of Mad men. this TV show is a Period drama and created by Matthew Weiner…
This TV show is a fantastic TV show, But my favorite TV show is Desperate Housewives …


Mad Men is an out standing show. Its great show with well talented cast and beautiful storyline.

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Mad Men is one of mine best show, I ever watched. Mad Men Has great story.