Main topic page, add "How To: as an ENTJ"


As everything we ENTJs do serves some purpose, I have realized a good one for this forum. Eh hem, to fully realize our ENTJ potential, I think we need to have something similar to a "how to" section on this site's main topics page; posts in this topic would be our own insights on how to be a great ENTJ businessman, how to successfully interact with the world as an ENTJ, how to successfully lead as an ENTJ, etc......

As ENTJs, how do we unleash our full potential? Obviously we would not do it the same way as INFPs, ESTJs, or any other type. So, what are the specific things that you guys have found bring you fulfillment, success, and happiness; more importantly, how did you achieve it/them? We need to give ourselves and our younger ENTJs the information enabling them to achieve as much as possible with as much fulfillment as possible as quickly as possible. We all only get one shot at life, let's make as much of it as possible.

Once we have enough information to draw conclusions, I suggest we have some sort of poll (open to all of our members) to boil down the information to a tolerable amount of tips for one sitting and publish it on this site or Most of us are already successful, let's look inward and share how we got there (which could in turn make us even more successful). Posts in these sections need to be short and sweet, not stories, just quick tips (any info is good, remember that we will be looking for similarities among all posts and that everyone is different, so be uninhibited).

[b]Here's how we get the ball rolling with making ENTJ fulfillment, success, and happiness as easy as possible:[/b][/size]

Step 1: Create the topic "How To: ENTJ Specific"

Step 2: Make this topic easily accessed/viewed (it may be the most important topic we discuss, so it should be on the main page)

Step 3: Unload our insights for a long time

Step 4: Assess the information for key similarities

Step 5: Create a document that gives ENTJs the most helpful information/advice available to reaching their full potential

I think that this is a most worthwhile endeavor, please consider my request,



I like the idea of a 'How to' section - should make it possible for everyone to mutually benefit from their respective specializations. And since we all speak the same language, the knowledge transfer should be relatively high-bandwith. Excellent!

Its been added in the 'Life as an ENTJ' grouping on the home page. Tachyon - feel free to post the first entry/ question, and illustrate what you had in mind.


There is no button to add a new post or sub-topic.


Oops - should be fixed now.


You can do anything. Learn it, own it. Every experience provides new useable data. Even failure entails details to absorb reflect and produce enhanced realization. Learning is the best. I know no persons as myself regarding reflection. I’m dizzy with the thoughts of things to understand. When you get it, you get it. The moment is IMO rarely noticed. Slow your thoughts, take it in.


Welcome to the space age my friend: