Which of the MBTI types relates to the highest IQ levels? I have seen on line that INTJ’s are the highest?
Is this true?


I know an INTJ whose IQ is 100. The other I know are above average in the top 10%.

From observing the 3 INTJs, I think they do a fabulous job in the the public relations department on how they present themselves as brainboxes. Even with the one who is of average IQ, is very competitive and likes to be see as smart. The INFP I know is super smart, but you would never ever guess that she is, she passes off as a fashionista when you meet her!

My opinion is there is no direct corelationship between MBTI and IQ. I think you’re just seeing with INTJs is their outward public persona which they show to the world - smart, logical, rational and knowlegeable competent person. Public image isn’t always consistent with what they really are like.

So basically I disagree with your proposition. :slight_smile:


It was not a proposition. It was a question!



I have to completely disagree with you here Poodle.


I think NT types are sort of wired to have higher IQs due to what the test is looking for. Other people are quite positive that introversion also is favored in the testing. I think IQ tests are somewhat arbitrary though, unless you’re looking for a very specific kind of intelligence. There are tons of smart people with low IQs who have it all together and some sky high IQs that don’t seem smart when there mind is applied to many aspects of life.

My mind is wired to get a high score in regards to IQ, but I don’t see myself as a genius. I see it as a test that’s sort of made for me. Testing in school also seems to be set up the same way.


the statics actually says nothing much! as many dont take the test at all, hence are not included in the statics! who say if they dont have IQ of a genuine?
anyways, IQ is just one of forms of intelligence. it doesnt indicate whether you can be a successful person or not. and other kinds of intelligence are also important. that’s why we distinguise " intelligence" from " wisdom" :wink: ( i personally prefer people with the second one)


Lamer-- there is really no large sample group I’ve come across yet but it seems just as possible that there are several NTs who didn’t take the test as well. You seem to have stated that it can’t be proven but at the same time I really doubt you could disprove my hypothesis. As you and I, as well as the article have stated, iq is more or less one kind of intelligence. I don’t wish to debate that.


Hi Brad! I had look at the link you provided. It shows a whole list of people with high IQs mainly NTs, and a lot of INTJs. What I find disconcerting about this list is that includes a list of people from the past who died before the IQ tests was invented. Meaning that these people never took the test, but are prescribed IQ scores? And who is to say that their MBTI is correct? Sorry about nitpicking about the validty of the info presented.

I do understand what you mean about NTs being better wired for IQ tests, iq tests for mathematics and linguistic skill sets. I talked to my INFP friend about this and she said she scored big on the linguistics part of the test, and whereas I scored big on the mathematics test. So I in theory one would see more people who are good in linguistics do well in this test who are not represented on your list who are not NTs. Something doesn’t add up. Am I missing something?



Again another partial link, but it does a better job than the last to show connection to attributes that would indicate high IQ. I don’t think there’s actually any type vs IQ information in high detail around.

Poodle- That list is done by the publisher of the article, which means there is room for plenty of error. That being said, I would agree with the greater part of their evaluations. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t crazy about that data either. Just throwing it out there as an example.

As far as linguistics goes, it seems like a smaller part of the test. I also see linguistics as having lower connection with high IQ than mathematics. I suspect high IQ people have good linguistic skills, but I see the linguistics spectrum as something that lower IQ people could master before mastering the mathematics spectrum.


i think introvert types mostly get high ratios due to the huge amount of them spend time on net and take thousands of tests, why extrovert types throwing themselves outside and concentrate on other things rather than just all those boring tests. they want something more useful- at least it can fulfill their realistic purposes.
also, it’s easy to manipulate the score, i.e you can get higher score if you do the tests so many times.


That’s a fairly valid point. I suspect that there is a certain amount of improvement for the INT types due to running across tests multiple times. INTs are very common in certain areas of the internet.

I think they’d still perform better regardless.


I agree with part of this. i.e. I would suspect that the highest IQs belong to people who are both N and I, in that order of priority. I think Is have a better ability for long term focus than Es, and obviously Ns will understand abstractions better than Ss. If I had to guess, Ps would have an edge as well, in being more open to possibilities, and naturally Ts may have better intellectual discipline than Fs.

So I would suspect INTPs have the highest IQs.

That being said, I don’t think IQ = intelligence, of course, since intelligence is multi faceted. For example, I am constantly amazed at the abilities of some of the ISFPs in my life, who have mastery over F interactions in a way I just cannot yet fully understand.


I would really imagine that INTPs are at the top of the IQ charts as well. I also find being capable in empathy, understanding of others, and reacting gracefully to them can be just as amazing as being extremely proficient in the sciences and mathematics. EQ (emotional intelligence), is actually a better predictor of success than IQ is. IQ is more or less potential. There’s only so far you can get without the help of others.


It would seem that INTP’s have the highest overall IQ. Sadly, they are not the most well known for their ability to get things done. They posses lots of knowledge, and even flatten many INTJ’s against the wall, but their consistent habit of never starting projects, or simply not finishing them make them have a few issues. Every type has its own strengths and weaknesses I suppose.


Given proper prodding (read, management), an INTP can get’er done!

This relates to the “people wanting to be ENTJ” thread, I have to often be that person serving as the prodder. I have to be able to get myself to exhaustively complete projects, instead of leaving it in a state where I’ve got the seed of an insight, with the hopes that someone else will make it grow. That other person doesn’t exist.


I’m a member of Mensa and NT types are actually rare. There is MBTI thread in Mensa forum and based on observation, 1 or 2 out of 100 are ENTJ and similar statistics for INTJ. Intelligence knows no bounds to personality. No doubt in my mind that certain personality types are the driving force to see the full potential of one’s intelligence.

One of my brothers is ENFP and scored 98th percentile on Mensa IQ test.

Intelligence mostly comes from genetics and brain development. Most people are so nutritionally deprived that their brain development is stunted throughout their childhood.