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Do I want to know what they were thinking during that night when they fertilized me? Heck no!

Only dumb people wish to have kids. Since I am their kid, then they are the dumb. I don’t care about the rest, because any person who couldn’t make a better decision than having a kid is not worth knowing.

Actually I do know what they were thinking. That makes things even worse. Not better.


Some nutshell that is.

  • Age : Check
  • Gender : Check
  • Location : Check
  • Profession : Check
  • Contact : Check (pm trough this forum)
  • MBTI : Check
  • Martial Status : Check
  • Education : Check
  • Kids and pets : Check
  • Oversized ego : Check
  • Anti Social / Narccisstic Behavior : Check
  • Probably a Psychopath : Check

What else there is left? DNA sample?

That looks more like a CV rather than greeting message.

Oh yes Mss. We have received your CV for reviewing. Once our management concludes their suckly job at having reviewing your CV (and start hating themselves for doing it while at it) we will probably not inform our decision just for fun. We wish you terible day. We hope you live short and die soon. We hope you never ever have a pet.

Thank you for providing us some real entertainment. Can you do it again some time soon?


Ok I will turn my cocky moment off.

Hello by the way…

Oh and what does a commercial manager for global management consultacy (phew finally spelt it) do? What is the purpose of such person? Is it about bureaucracy? It is a terrible thing if it is. I can’t stand buraeucracy.


And then what? Just want to satisfy your curiousity dont you?


Not a part of this


Give me one single reason why should I satisfy your curiousity? You know how the saying goes…curiousity killed the cat…


Not a part of this


Not a part of this


I guess I pissed her off.

Hey come back. It was just a joke. No need to take everything so seriously.


Then what do exist instead? A great cucumber? (thorny one)


Not a part of this


My curiousity? And whats it is?


The E actually exist? It just on the same level with I?

I thought you said E doesnt exist. Ok I wont go that far.

What makes you think so?


Not a part of this


Well in that case, you are wrong.

You weight extroversion with the amount of time that is being spent on this forum. That is my same mistake when I came here on this forum. Look at my first topics, you will know.

Extroversion is about being focused on outer world. Not jumping to conversation with people for small talk or stupid useless conversations. I guess by being extrovert you imagine someone who talks too much, swears too much and hangs out with others too much just for the sake of it. This is wrong. This has nothing to do with extroversion.

Extroverts are those who are focused on outside. For example, me being too much dependant on others is a sign of extroversion actually. Because those who are introverts, they dont depend on others too much, nor do they intend to make anything that requires many people to work alongside with them. Introverts are focused on things that they personally can accomplish. Extroverts focus on things that they can acocmplish in groups.

I think by now the rest probably will make sense to you.


Not a part of this


Full spectrum psychopath at your service!!

No autism / Asperger here.

You’re lucky. People tell you what their MBTI type is. Me here has no MBTI know why.


Only if they are de-westernized.


Not a part of this


For help call 1-800-KISS MY ASS.

Besides, I have 54% of N and 46% of S. The confusion there is just natural.


As I had said, I am not terribly pleased about being catagorized here with you like this either but I do not publicly wallow in self pity and bring others into it without them knowing about it until they find out a time later…This is not how you deal with it.