Miscellaneous Trolling/ Off-Topic Redirected Here


This is the signature that this forum members deserve to see. As long as that continues, my signature will follow.


Most of the time I feel like this guy does. ANGER!!!



AJs best rant.



Love how he talks like a pirate.



Because I’m dealing with more shit from you than you deal from me. It just natural that you receive some of it back.

Well I was already called a psychopath. See, nothing really happened. Let me guess what the next names are:

  • Asshole
  • Idiot
  • Asswipe
  • Bitch
  • Retard

You know, I actually love when I get on people nerves. It gives me some sense of accomplishment. In my opinion, they get some of payback in the way I humiliate them.

They deserve it.


hi thanks for your information