What type of movies do people like?


Anything except horror. I just don't get the point of horror, its boring.

More specifically, I like movies that celebrate achievement/ triumphs - not such a fan of the 'everybody is flawed' premise that dictates most Hollywood fare. I agree with Ayn Rand's viewpoint on art, described in 'The Romantic Manifesto' - i.e. I prefer movies that celebrate what 'man could be', rather than movies that either are just descriptive and don't have a point, or those that denigrate humanity. The very worst are movies that celebrate 'being a loser'. Not such a big fan, even if they're funny.

E.g. I think Clint Eastwood is amazing - both for the roles he's chosen and for many of the movies he's directed. I thought the 'Man with No Name' series was extraordinarily well done, and Gran Torino was genius (though I would have modified some of the later events in the movie if it was up to me).

Don't really like movies like 'Oceans 11' which glorify a bunch of thieves - I know it probably looks like I lack imagination, need to lighten up etc.... but think about it. That whole genre of movies celebrates destruction and deceit, easy money etc.

I enjoyed 'Thank You For Smoking' and even goofy stuff like 'Fifth Element'... I thought 'Lilu' was hot, and I liked the idea of 'Perfect'. 'Idiocracy' was hilarious, sometimes I feel like its based on people I know. And then of course... there's SPARTA!!!!

What about you guys?


Sorry, couldn't resist...



Somebody did one just like that with a sharpie at my hospital. Endless stupid amusement.

Movies... It's a pretty mixed bag. Trying to think up a general theme, but every descriptor I'm coming up with reminds me of exceptions. Maybe I'm just THAT much of a film buff, but there's probably a movie I love for damn near any random adjective I can think up.

Regarding Horror: I've really come to enjoy horror movies over the past few years, but it's kinda a scarcity thing. It's just that much harder to find a GOOD one, so I appreciate them more.




I like inspiring movies in the mold of Glory Road, Greatest Game Ever Played, The Rookie, Miracle, and Invincible to name a few. Lately, I just love Sandra Bullock's " The Blind Side ". Proves that there are still a lot of good people in this world. :slight_smile:


I can appreciate a good movie no matter what the genre is, but movies that get me thinking are the best.


I like good movies.

I don’t like horror and mindless action.

300 is not mindless action - I liked that. I don’t like, however, Lethal Weapon/Rambo type action. Too unrealistic.

I like movies that make you think, artistic movies, cultural movies, over the top comedies, science fiction (as long as its good and not cheesy), fantasy, and children’s movies! I love Pixar films for example.

Some of my favorite movies are Matrix, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Apocalypse Now, Godfather, Fight Club, etc.


I like action and horor movies. they are exciting and short to follow, not take much of your time. I hardly can follow a full series with all episodes of any movie.


Prefer tv series, since each episode is short enough I can watch it at any free time I have.

Like most genres, but horror, comedy and sci fi need to be really good in order not to suck.

Also agree with what somebody above said about ‘glorifying what humanity can be’, except that I must add (disagreeing at that) that sometimes defying the law MIGHT be the best thing humanity can be if said law is opressive or just generally unfair.




I agree with wiarumas - I don’t like horror and mindless action (or thrillers) and I like good movies that make you think, artistic movies, cultural movies, over the top comedies, science fiction, fantasy and children’s movies.

I also like historical drama and true story films about great people. I like Japanese animations like Studio Ghibli, mafia films and Wes Anderson movies.

My favouries: The Double Life of Veronique, Spirited Away, The Darjeeling Limited, I Heart Huckabees, Amazing Grace, Gomorrah, Casino, Cabaret, Blade Runner


Today generation like to watch all kind of movies. But I like romantic and comedy movies. These are my favorite genre. Titanic and Baby’s Day Out are my favorite movies.

Watch Lost Episodes , Watch Smallville Episodes


Action, drama and comedy.


Well Guys!!!
Movies is best source of entertainment. I have seen plenty of movies in mine life . mostly I preffer to watch horror movies. Mostly people doesnot watch horror movies. Mine best horror movie is The Possession.


I don’t really have enough patience for movies - is that weird? I sometimes think if I won’t enjoy it I’d prefer to just wikipedia it and read the synopsis in a few minutes rather than spend the time watching it.