Multi-Level Marketing a Viable Solution


Marx wrote extensively about how we are all whores for a company who are being exploited for the profile of the Bourgeoise [pimps]. Man is what he creates and produces, which is why so many people may often feel a disconnect from their work in companies. Sure, there is the solution from the movie Waiting where you can invent your own “display game”, but it’s nothing more than a distraction. Robert Greene recently published a book called “The Law of 50” where he interviewed the rapper 50 Cent and broke down his life lessons as a crack dealer in a way that others can apply. The core message is that what we are after is “Ownership”…personal autonomy over our decision making and the freedom to live and produce as we choose. To do this for and under others is to deny the human spirit and verily to slowly wither it away. As an ENTJ, this resonated strongly with me and I think it may hit home for many of you as well.

With that being said, I have conducted extensive research on Multi-Level Marketing companies and have found that the best one is NSA Juice Plus. They are the best, in my opinion, because the President’s mission statement states that the purpose of the company is to help as many people as possible create their own vision and acheive it through health and nutrition. It is a Utilitarian mindset where the value attained is by adding value to others rather than simply keeping people underneath you to satisfy some Machiavellian dream. The product Juice Plus boasts 22 clinical studies published in peer reviewed journals showing that it: Reduces Systemic Inflammation, Regulates Digestion, Protects and Repairs Damaged DNA and actually makes people more attractive [skin health]…among many other great things.

I have been part of NSA Juice Plus since 2009, and cannot say enough great things about the people within the company. The overall efficiency of the process is the most impressive feature of all where I can literally take down someone’s information and have the company ship it directly to them very quickly. It is also one of the most ethical companies around which is very important to me.

I personally like to recruit other ENTJ’s, INTJ’s and some ENTP’s…To join my marketing team, I prefer someone who has a hunger for knowledge, someone who likes to add value to other people’s lives while making themselves even more awesome in the process, who is self-driven and independent yet they prefer to be around like-minded people to debate and discuss ideas with. We do not get credit simply for recruiting people, if we do not pull our own weight, we do not get credit. In other words, my intention for recruiting people is to be surrounded by other NT types because S’s [especially SJ’s] can get on my nerves.

The best thing is that there are a lot of parties and who doesn’t love an excuse to open a few bottles of wine [it contains many anti-oxidants and resveratrol] with friends for the sake of good health and nutrition? Develop solid residual income and share the passion with others.

If this sounds intriguing, I can point you in the direction to research it more on your own and can answer any technical questions.


Network marketing is a great way to make a solid living. I have been involved in networking since I was 18 and love it. In my experience you need to do the research on the company first and not by a quick Google search they never have any thing of value.

What you need to look for.

  1. Momentum. If the business isn’t growing it won’t be around for long.

2.Commission structure. Why sponsor 50 people in a company and make $1000 per month when you can do the same amount of work in another company and make $5000.

  1. Global expansion. The bigger your market place the more people you will have access to. This will give you more leverage in the long run.

  2. Product. I spent a lot of time trying to give people a product they needed. This was all good but more often than not the prospect didn’t use the product and lost interest. You need to find a product that people want to use and will willingly use this product every day even if they aren’t building the business. This is residual income.

  3. Leadership. If the company doesn’t have good leadership it will be a nightmare to build. With leadership comes belief and with belief come productivity.

  4. Affordability. The business has to have a level of entry that’s affordable to the masses. I’ve seen some businesses that had a bottom entry level of $3000. Everyday people don’t have that kind of cash lying around. A good bottom level start up should be less than $300.

  5. System. As an NTP I hate following systems but they do work. A good business needs to have a good proven system in place. It needs to be simple and easy enough that a new person with no prior experience can connect with.

There are a few more as well that I can pull off the top of my head but I’ll add them of I remember.

I feel your pain with SJ’s my wife is an SJ and they are mentally draining however ESTJ’s can be pretty solid networker’s if given a chance.


Can someone provide me an efficient explanation of what multi-level Marketing is (seems the same as nework marketing?)? Google finds did not satisfy me.


I like how the OP listed out Rationals then got to INTP and was like “…” and yet after a year of getting no replies lo and behold an INTP is first to respond to the post. And wouldn’t you know it the Webpage is down. I guess a little contingency planning and stress testing would have went farther with this idea but when someone coddles their ideas rather than setting them free to grow, it never works out right.


This didn’t help. I knew about this wiki article.


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