my big dream and a small dream


ah quite nice to rely on anonymity (and the like audience) to finally talk about my big dream.

so i basically want to build a conglomerate. particularly interested in buying firms on verge of bankruptcy and turning them around. i am enrolling in law school in Fall but intend to eventually work at a private equity firm. i know i will be a late starter not coming from a relevant finance background, so i’m working on accumulating relevant certifications to be better prepared when opportunity presents itself. eventually i hope to amass some capital to buy/build a company on my own and then branch out to buy/build other firms.

building a conglomerate would be very satisfying to me because:
-i will be able to work for myself (not for someone else)
-i will fully reap benefits of my good judgments and shoulder full responsibility for my bad judgments. i dislike others taking credit for what i did as much as i dislike seeing myself slacking off from time to time because i know that in a huge organization someone will pick up the slack. i need to suppress this tendency i see in myself sometimes.
-my own money will be at stake: a continual motivation for me to learn more and try my best
-the thrill of making big decisions

i also want to be frugal for my entire life, help a lot of people (interested particularly in education opportunities for minorities) and be good to my family (as in not be estranged from my kids).

my final and smaller goal is to successfully battle my depression. i’ve had it since elementary school (both my parents have their own shares of mental illnesses unfortunately, despite being perfectly functioning humans in their jobs) but have begun realizing that i had a problem and fighting it in my final year in college. i am still fighting it, it’s difficult some days and better some other days, but i will fight it off and become healthy again no matter how long it takes.


Since I know you aren’t going to reply to my opinions, I will just say this:

Your dream sucks. It lacks depth. And I know my ideas won’t be challenged.

So, hello. Welcome.


oh they will be replied. why wouldn’t they be?

my dreams are awesome. your criticism of them on the other hand sucks. you don’t detail anything. you have plenty conclusions and little to back them up. so hello and welcome.

of course they lack depth at the moment, but not in the pejorative way that you describe it, but simply because they are currently being worked on. they will be complete with their flesh and bones and “depth” when they come alive in 10 years.

and funny thing about laughing at other people’s dreams is that you never know enough about other people ever to make sound judgment on the objective likelihood of achieving those dreams. i’ve seen people achieve the most ridiculous and amazing (and if you may, superficial dreams) against ridiculous odds. it’s been a motivation for me and other people.

but i guess your comment would make better sense in light of your own circumstances. like, you are unsure about your own dreams so you want to laugh at other people’s dreams to make yourself feel better, or you are in the field i’ve described so you know the baby stage that i am still in at the moment. if the former, have fun laughing to make yourself feel better; if latter, why don’t you be helpful and give me some helpful tips on that line of career. if neither, you obviously have a lot of free time, good fo you.


Hi Irene, I think your dreams and goals are admirable. It’s great to have a clear idea of what you want your life to be and not to be at a young age. But do keep health concerns at the very top of your priorities. Good health is key. Welcome to the forum and I hope to see you posting again soon. :slight_smile: