Need help with ENTJ male im confused!


So met this ENTJ guy quite recently after his divorce. We have known now each other for many months.
We hit it of right away our first dates were many hours and we about discussed everything.
we have a lot same type of interest and physically we also have great great chemistry.

Almost all of our dates has been spontaneous, not scheduled. He said he isn’t looking for relationship. we stopped seeing each other but decided to be friends.
He has given me gifts couple times, compliments me a lot, he helps me around and is really sweet and caring. He is in contact with me almost everyday. He flirts a lot. Teases me and we have great banter sometimes. He shares with me so i think we have emotional connection also.He has said that im important to him.

I know he has been on dates with other women and is on dating site.

He is in contact with me so much and has helped me with stuff. He is attracted to me ,i know he doesn’t see me as a platonic. But he doesn’t make any move forward?

should i just say that maybe we should take some distance?He can contact me if he someday wants to see where this can go. our messages isn’t platonic and he is all the time on my mind im afraid im gonna get hurt. This situation is have be going on for months now.