New ENTJ around - 8w7 Sx/Sp


hello guys,

Just found this forum which seems great for us weird ENTJs beasts to share between us and with others too :slight_smile:

I have a passion for personality tests and MBTI plus Enneagram in particular, I guess those are helpful assets when you aren’t naturally in tune with people’s emotions or reactions.

In the different realms of my life, I’m entrepreneurial, structured and successful (always wanting more or anticipating what’s next though). While this has positive impacts, it also comes with cons, it is for exemple a struggle to really socially fit in with others on some situations (work, relationships, family).

What about you guys ?


What are you basing on your “assumption” that you are not in tune with other people emotions?

Because I do not think this is true.

I do not value what others value. That isn’t same with “not” being in “tune” with them.

Every person valuable to me is deeply dependent on what I do. It is not like I have to be worried about being in tune with anything anyway.


The thing is you can accomplish that much with pushing your rational in a work context for exemple, and at some point you have to get people behind you to support some projects, and you can’t just impose your views. And in that objective beeing able to empower your intuitions with what you pick-up from people, could be helpful.


If it was ever helpful it would be them accomplishing those projects, not you.

I am not a clog in a machine. I do not require “approval”. Just obedience.

And if my views aren’t interesting for anybody, they can leave the hell out.

There will always be those who will try to detract me from my goals, whine about things that I do incorrectly, try to push me back…guess what…they are all irrelevant. They are do nothing, think nothing, and be nothing people. I just ignore them.


Again, I could agree with that, I could behave like that. This is somehow my default behaviour.

And again, at some point, to become a leader, in an environment full of people, you have to have some natural support. Obedience is not enough and not guaranteed.


I did not become a leader by seeking other’s approval. It is a childsplay to think that way.

And I do not understand what do you mean by “natural support”. I do not require any kind of support from people. If they are unwilling to move their butts and do what must be done, fuck them.

Obedience is enough. Guaranteed by me.

And if you think that some poor fuck whose mouth is still smells with his mother’s milk is going to come up with some revolutionary idea that will be worth seeking his approval…well…it did not happen to me so far…and probably never will. So yes, obedience is enough.

If it was about something new, it usually I who first know about it. Not people around me.

As for “approval”…they should seek their own approval when they look in the mirror. If they don’t have them. They are not worth the salt they are carrying in their body.


It seems to me like your thinking implies that people are equal. And that everybody can understand what others say or think.


People are not equal. And very few people understand what I say.

So, what is this effort that you offer is about?

It doesn’t work.

You can rip your butt apart all you want.

People are simply not equal.


So you are seeking people approval…and then you say that you don’t know what the hell you have to do in order to get that approval (or not in tune with their emotions as you have put it above).

Can you see your own inconsistency here? You are chasing ghosts.


Do you think that 'the current’ Donald Trump (as POTUS) is successful ?


And I don’t believe in equality, this is the worst thing we ever invented as a society. I believe in diversity - of assets, competences, personalities - and I believe we need different kind of people to have a successful team. If you try to draft a soccer strategy and scheme with 11 players that want to be strikers, you will lose the game.


I think yes. He is successful. Very successful.

I would gladly ditch my current president and replace him with Trump without second thought.

Hell, I would gladly strangle the current one for Trump with pleasure. Just say the word mr.Trump.


Then what is this “natural support” is all about?


Here’s my another take at your “natural support”.

Be open for receiving that support. You may be the one who is destroying your opitions. Some of the most amazing things that happened to me was when I felt that I have nothing to lose. Support is “out there” you just need to “not give a fuck enough” to receive it. And it is not among those things that you know that have no potential to hurt you. If you know that there is no potential to hurt you then it surely has no potential to hurt you and wont hurt you and wont become your “natural support”. It is among those things that you show disdain for, scared off, think that it is an unknown territory and probably will kill you or land you in jail. There is apparently a life outside of your head too. You just need to learn it, hard way. The question is, are you ready to follow it. Most of the time you wont be.


Just joined, ENTJ 8w7 here too!