New INFP here


Hello everyone!

INFP here from the glorious country of Texas.

I look forward to learning more about ENTJ’s and the way you relate to other types.


There is no much interaction there in a usual sense that you know of.

When an ENTJ comes around, that is usually for something that he/she knows that will get without leaving a little chance for a choice to the other party.

Therefore, whatever you think you need to do in order to adapt, don’t bother. You will be instructed when it’s necessary.


Hi! Welcome to the world of ENTJs!


Hello and Welcome!

Don’t listen to that Wasabi dude, some one seems high on the smell of their own piss… and we’re honestly all not that weird, hope you learn a lot!


Ah another attempt to break down the existing, battle hardened, war veteran level experience with wishfully intriguing never thought before way of looking at things while ignoring the whole purpose of whats being said.

What can I say…typical INFP.