New Look



I know this is a new look - bear with me, I am probably going to update it again to give it a unique ENTJForum personality.

Basically, the updated look includes some features that should make it harder for the spam bots to invade. Plus some extras.

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Thank you, you’re doing a fine job! :slight_smile:


Ah. This one is better, has more features. However, it still has a dull and has no living- spirit- color as the previous one. sadly!
keep improving it till it has a good looking appearance as its owner, then it will be ok.( kidding of course!) :mrgreen:


Let me guess:

Your perfect forum look would be the one which is filled with pics of handsome sexy guys all over it.


brillian idea!!!
That kind of forum would never be boring at all. :mrgreen: I should suggest CM to change this form to that form. :laughing:


I haven’t been here in quite a while. I liked the look and feel of this place better than any of the other MBTI forums.


I’m a fan of INTJ forum. This one is attractive and easy to use too. I like the long posts people tend to make here. It really fleshes out their points and ideas.