New Myers-Briggs dating app & website - So Syncd


Hi! It’s Jess (INFP) and Lou (ESFJ) here. We’re two sisters who have recently set up a dating app and website based on Myers-Briggs personality types.

The app has only just become available in the app stores (iOS and Android), but we’ve had thousands of sign ups already. Firstly, we wanted to let you know about it because we thought it might be of interest. Essentially it’s a more efficient way to date and hopefully a faster way to find love. Secondly, we are refining the UI/UX at the moment and we’d really appreciate any feedback (either on here or at

It’s totally free to sign up and it only takes a couple of minutes to do so if you know your personality type already (which you guys obviously do!). You also have the option of searching for specific personality types.

Search for “So Syncd” in the App Store or Play Store or follow the link to the website below.

We hope you are safe and well during this challenging time.

Jess and Lou x

Website link: