New Nation (by an INTP)


I realize that this is a page for the dreams of the ENTJ types, yet I have a dream which if not expressed to those who get stuff done, as it appears your (ENTJ) type can, will never get done with an INTP think tank, as we clearly have a problem getting past our own ideas. So i submit to you the big dream of and INTP.

My dream is to establish a new nation outside the jurisdiction of the States and the United States Government, within the geographical boundaries of the North American continent. Crazy you may say, but it is possible.

When one studies the ideological origins of the states united, we find that the establishment of a new nation/government is a duty of the people, those who care enough, to dissolve the political bonds which once tied them to their oppressors. The oppressors who forgot that they were and are to be the servants of the people who are the rightful masters, and the sovereigns of America. There have been so many cases settled by the Supreme Court in which they have declared time and time, that the people are the sovereigns, and not the federal or state governments. The only document which we require to establish this right of self-determination, when a government becomes oppressive, is “The Declaration of Independence.”

The most important phrase in that document is “the consent of the governed,” because without that consent they cannot act lawfully, and so they manipulate the minds of the children (the teacher is the educational authority in the mind of the child, and the parent is the ignoramus) to believe the authorized information. You with children should know this best. They covet the information that would lead us to a non-violent “revolution” so that we remain in their debt for their guidance, and demonize those like myself who wish to no longer be subjected to their psychosis and seek the information which will dissolve their stranglehold.

Accordingly with the economic problems we seem to face, because we have been propagandized to believe so, the truth is that they are merely illusions which simulate reality, as it was when gold and silver were the medium of exchange, yet are not so today. The banks are using your unlimited credit, by way of your signature, to create “money,” then claiming that you “owe” them. The US Code of Federal Regulations (31 CFR 103.11(u)) declares that a promissory note as described by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is a "monetary instrument).

I know we can implement this big plan, which is why I am expressing this big idea. There is so much more to this than I care to post here in this intial post, because it would require a great amount of time and space.