Next level of ENTJ?


Hi there!

(This is my first post, and I’m not a native english speaker, sorry for my grammar.)

A little about me:
15 years old guy,
Straight A in the second best school of my country.
I have many friends (no, I’m not a nerd), but there are people who just do not get me, but they have a high social value, and I think, they could be useful sometimes!

I think my story can be useful for us.
Sooo… let’s begin:
What if being extremely charming, and kinda “perfect” is the final form of an ENTJ?
How could I be charming, if I’m an ENTJ?
I started learning the psychology of charming.
Yes, I made a task list, how to socialize myself.

I think, charming is one of the most important skills, and I want it.

Please, can you give me your experiences, with humane persons? I mean, there are people, who are so humane, and emotional, I cannot understand them, but I hope, this list helps me, and you all:
Any tips, how to be compatible with them?

  1. Charming

  2. Use positive observations as icebreakers.

  3. always show you are genuinely glad to meet them.

  4. Say less, listen more.

  5. Respect everyone.

  6. Mind your manners

  7. Upgrade your image

  8. Travel in Groups

  9. (selectively) use the power of touch

  10. 4-response

  11. Sometimes show a little vulnerability.

  12. Consistently search for agreement instead of contradiction.

  13. Don’t mind serving as a cautionary tale.

  14. Don’t mind being a source of laughter, for others and for yourself.

  15. Master social jiu-jitsu.

  16. Ask open-ended questions.

  17. Always pass the waiter test.

  18. Make eye contact

  19. Smile at strangers

  20. Be happy

  21. Praise others instead of getting involved in gossip.

  22. Find other people’s interests.

  23. Make someone feel like an expert.

  24. Introduce people with a thoughtful compliment.

  25. Follow up with someone when they get interrupted.

  26. Be chill with awkward silences.

  27. Talk about ideas, not people.

  28. Don’t talk to someone with a cell phone in your hand.

  29. Respond in a way that proves you were actually listening.

  30. Dole out genuine compliments whenever they come to you.

  31. Reciprocate questions to get to know someone.

  32. When talking to a group, actually look at everyone in the group.

  33. Be genuinely interested in people.

  34. Remember people a names you meet them for the first time.

  35. Assume rapport.

  36. Stay As Positive As Possible

  37. Talk about topics that interest the people you’re with.

  38. Share information about yourself.

  39. Smile with your eyes

  40. Give a firm handshake.

  41. Use charming body language.

  42. Control your tone of voice.

  43. Use impressive phrasing.

  44. Issue compliments generously.

  45. Be gracious in accepting compliments

  46. Relax going into the situation.

  47. Watch body language.

  48. Truly Listen When Someone Is Talking

    1. Take A Genuine Interest In Others
    1. Be Everyone’s Cheerleader
  49. Set Up Some Boundaries

    1. Have Some Empathy
    1. Be Someone Others Can Rely On
  50. Don’t Be Afraid To Smile

  51. Make The Right Amount Of Eye Contact


  53. When you believe in someone, tell them directly.

  54. Consider kindness before you speak.

  55. Spread kindness that you have received.

  56. Be mindful of how you treat others.

  57. Don’t discriminate who to be kind to.

  58. Set an example.

  59. Practice good intentions.

  60. Feel good about it

  61. Be playful

  62. Respond with questions

  63. Stand tall.

  64. Be a good conversationalist.

  65. Be adventorous

  66. Don’t be needy.

  67. Select your words carefully.

  68. Don’t just think about it — do it

  69. Show your hands.

  70. Present yourself in a positive way.

  71. Be fit

  72. Be yourself

  73. Be persistent.

  74. Be mindful

  75. Remain organized.

  76. Accept and seek feedback

  77. Be exceptionally productive

  78. Solve problems

  79. Help those in need


  81. Practice good hygiene.

  82. Lean toward people when you’re having a conversation

  83. Keep your arms uncrossed to keep your body language open

  84. Use a lot of gestures to get people’s attention and make your point

  85. Claim your personal space.

  86. Focus on what you love about yourself