No more anonymity - hello world


I’ve been thinking about this for a while…

Why should I be anonymous online, do I have anything to hide? No! But it would cause awkwardness for my posts to interfere with business etc. in a world/ society in which other people don’t believe as I do - that the ‘reputation network’ is the future. On the other hand, I’ve gotten to know a few of you in real life and/ or Facebook, and its been cool…

Here’s a fix: my name, website and facebook contact is now visible in my ENTJForum profile (added the ‘Facebook Link’ field to all our profiles, in case anyone else wants to fill it out too).

Feel free to get in touch, and feel free to do the same.


Add me FBers! :slight_smile: And if you go by some weird username here and don’t provide a picture of yourself, please let me know who you are by username…Ha


Dude you rock. Owning so many hotels at age of 31, you pretty much ahead of most of us (I guess).


Add me on FB!
And yea, don’t mean to insult, but I wasn’t expecting that either. Impressive. So if I flew to NY to see friends and I need a great hotel to stay at I should expect to be well taken care of there, right? :slight_smile:


I set up my profile to link to my Facebook page.

On Facebook, I’m a member of several of the personality type groups/pages. The liveliest one, INTP (underground), is so because it’s been set up to have a group chat. Once we’re linked up, I’ll add you to it.


hmmm,want just a room only? this is not a good thing at all! i will show you one thing that is much better! hunt the owner then! :mrgreen: bwaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: he is quite handsome, isnt he?
if you girls are successful, you can be treated like queens! do you want me to lead the hunt? no? fine, handle that by your own! i show you where the diamond is , you have to find some way to take it! dont forget to share with me some after the success, huh? :mrgreen:

( i have a 6th sense feeling that after this post, i will be categorised as a troll and all my posts will be deleted :pray: )


I think being catagorized as a cheeseball is more suiting. :stuck_out_tongue:


cheeseball? should i consider it a bad or a good thing?
let’s see, what i analyse about this man (for his appearance) the first time looking at his pic, before knowing about him as well as who he is:

  • he has high and broad forehead, and upward, this is a big indication of an intellectual man
  • the square jaw ( faceshape) and hairy indicates of a decisive and manly- strong
  • his eyes somehow show honesty but wise, the big fat layer under his eyes show that he is a night owl- i.e this one usually stays up late, sleep less, but why??? due to being workaholic ( or soemthing else? :mrgreen: ) ( main characteristic of ENTJ also)
  • the full lips and big smile indicate of being a passionate in love and generous one
  • however, his teeth ( very tight) show that this is a very strict and hard- to- please one. ( no doubt he is ENTJ who is extremely picky but also generous- main characteristics of ENTJ)
  • average built indicates of a good health
  • his body language and clothes wearing shows that he is a confident man, and also show a successful one.
  • a smile with no wrinkle at the end of the eyes- shows that maybe he is not truelly happy at that moment of the pic taken.
  • in sum, his proportionate details on face show he is quite good looking :mrgreen:
    now, turns out that all what i have observed are almost true. :wink:

so if you girls are successful at hunting him, this is a good thing for you, isnt it? this means you must be superwomen- above average women. why call me a cheeseball when i was so serious and show you a good target?
i forgot to add: his long ear shows that he may have a long life- so no worries if you wold become widow :mrgreen:


i guess i scare him off already. maybe he has turned red and blush. No way to dare coming back here even if this place belongs to him. :mrgreen:
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!! i am so guilty! for sentencing myself, i will be away from this forum at least 1 month.


Thnk you ENTJForumers… Stand by for high rez nOOdz…


There are times where anonymity is the preferred option.


maybe! especially when discussing sensitive topics.


huh? he is still here, not being scared off yet?
good! i will create a new episode, be prepared!


I love ENTJ’s <3