Not sure what the best career is for me


I’m still pretty young, and I always though I wanted to go into broadcast, but that was only because I liked being one of the better workers or volunteers, and I liked the idea, that I would be known for being really good at what i do. ( I volunteer at a tv studio, and have been for a year) After I discovered that i was an ENTJ I’m not sure anymore. I think I want to start an event planning company, but I’m not sure where to start?

I’m very organized when i want to be, and I have several calendars. I love being in charge and love planning this or leading a group of people? (your typical ENTJ)
I also love sharing what I know, and making money. (and being praised)

suggested career? or where to start I wanted to start an event planning company?


Start with… Google. And by tracking down event co-ordinators near where you live to see if any of them will give you a few minutes of their time for you to ask them everything you want to know about event co-ordination. Most people love to share details of how they achieved what they did, and are more helpful than we would often guess. Not everyone will respond or be helpful, so remember its a numbers game. But getting to know people and engaging them professionally comes so naturally to us ENTJs that its actually fun!

Hope this helps - this is exactly how I got into the commercial real estate industry, while knowing absolutely nothing about it whatsoever. I just tracked down anyone I could find connected to real estate (including strangers on the internet), and things worked out pretty well (even though it took a couple years to figure my way in - so have some patience!). My current passion is health and fitness (personally, not for business), and amazingly, I’ve been able to track down some of the experts in the fields I’m interested in, and they’ve been great about answering my questions.

If you’ve found what you actually want to do, you’ve won half the battle! (I wish i could say the same… I’m a little lost trying to figure out what I want to do next) The actual ‘doing’ will work itself out, it always does. Just have to start! Good luck.