NTs and especially ENTJs are depicted as evil



If you review the analysis of many writers you almost find no body talking about ENTJs as kind and good people that bring piece to humanity .

Is that because of the lack of the human side?



-you might want to change "dippected" to "depicted"

But yea, I think we should actively work on our image. The internet public
has generally perceived us as being lacking in emotional intelligence. This is
far from being true. In fact, ENTJ and ESTJ are up there in emotional intelligence.

"In a the recent issue of the Bulletin for Psychological Type (Vol. 29, No.3 2006), one of the authors, Henry “Dick” Thompson (2006, p. 18), reported on some of his research into EI and Type. One finding I found quite interesting was that of the 5 personality types with the highest overall EQ score, three preferred Feeling and two preferred Thinking. In fact the top 2 were ENTJ and ESTJ ! (followed by ENFJ, ESFP, and ENFP). Of the 5 personality types with the lowest overall EQ score, three were Feeling types and two were Thinking types. And surprisingly, the bottom two were Feeling types: ISFJ and INFP! People looking for a correlation between EQ and Feeling won’t find it in Thompson’s research! About the only conclusion Thompson seemed willing to risk from this study was it appears that the EQ measures have a bias towards Extraversion."
personalitypathways.com/arti ... ence2.html

I think people assume every boss they had was an ENTJ. Which is a huge lie.
We are only 1.8% of the pop. I think most people have encountered a ESTP boss or
ISTJ boss and think they are ENTJ or ESTJ.


Can you imagine fashioning a fictional character using ENTJ traits. The person first of all would have to be a little out of place in social settings, perceived to be presentient, unconcerned about what others think...seemingly self-confident because of this trait. Steely-eyed, piercing blue pupils, very fair skinned, auburn-hair, quick to size people up, able to see outcomes that make others uncomfortable, and very efficient at completing any project. Of course, SHE would be sensuous and passionate, even fiery in nature, but not intentional toward harming anyone else...just stating the facts. I see a CSI detective, a high government official...
This is not me, this is fictional (ugh, I forgot, I hate fiction)!
What do you see? Please add here:


You know, thats really interesting. When I was in college, I used to think I sucked at 'EQ', and was recently pleasantly surprised that I'm actually very good... but I don't think I was before. The explanation might be pretty simple: both ENTJs ('fieldmarshals') and ESTJs ('supervisors') are constantly trying to engage and lead a team. I guess whats really driven me to do better at dealing with people is my work. Juggling temperamental clients, employees and team members would never have worked if I wasn't forcing myself to constantly improve my ability to understand and communicate with them.

Anyone have a similar experience?




Yes...megatron the evil one! Or at least we are perceived that way...and that's the way I want to keep it!!


Pretty much. It's only over the last handful of years I've come to realize that I have a pretty solid 'EQ' (Can rock the 'tests', but I don't think of that as that great of an indicator... Prefer to base it on how things play out in real life land). Humility aside, I can be frighteningly charismatic. But, as you've point out, it's been a pretty driven effort to develop and improve that particular skillset.

As my SO points out occasionally... I can play The Game, I just too often choose not to. These are usually the occasions when I find myself getting frustrated and instead of breaking out The Social Skills, I'm getting into a rut of "Damnit, stop being idiots!"

Thinking about it, those times are always a sort of regression to when I was a bossy ass little kid. laugh


I have a small business in wedding planning and I also write personalized wedding ceremonies. One thing about having your own business is you work directly with your customers. When someone calls me to plan their ceremony, I like to spend a lot of time learning about them. I also have a degree in psychology but found it would have sucked the life out of me to do heavy duty counseling.
Though it might look on the outside to everyone else that I am not feeling the emotions, I am...maybe even on a much larger scale. My imagination is vivid and I am able to extrapolate outcomes that I don't wish to think about. Haiti is an example. Unlike feelers who can cry and say they feel bad...I can't leave it at that...I don't see that as productive to solving the problem. If there is a crisis, I will seem to be handling it well because in reality I have already walked many of the emotions and scenarios earlier in mind and have a course of action if the 'what if' comes true. Until you recognize the problem you can't start to work the problem. I fall apart later in the privacy of my own space(this does not allow anyone to comfort me). Maybe it was my years in information technology that did not allow time to panic and fall apart...as your whole world watched until the system was up and running again. Usually I handle the big thing well but stupidly sweat the small stuff. How do you handle a crisis?


Yes, you can play the game or you can do your own thing, especially when your game is more interesting and less transparent...independence is a wonderful thing but sadly to have friends we must play. Unless of course our other friends are ENTJ's. I just discovered a male younger cousin is an ENTJ...we love to talk together and the time flies...we have taken to calling it our therapy. There is no need to explain, you can just say how it is and they get you!!


I think that we are the least likely to be truly "evil." We are rational and vocal about our positions. We find out if we are wrong or right quicker than other types because of our specific traits:
-thinking out loud
-expressing our ideas openly
-talking to people with different perspectives
-being open to more reasonable/correct arguments

If someone has more evidence to back up their argument, we submit to that argument and adopt it (assuming it was actually the better argument); this includes ethical arguments (probably the hardest to argue for or against because they are based on wisdom/personal experience/life lessons). These ethical arguments are probably why we are depicted as evil; we are great at arguing, and if someone can't budge us to their ethical position they think we are evil or closed-minded (when in fact we are extremely open minded, we just need evidence/a better argument) for not agreeing that they could even possibly be right.

Also, in general we are more powerful than your run-of-the-mill human...
[size=150]We ENTJs are the common enemy of the less powerful[/size] (emotionally, financially, intellectually, charismatically, etc. Obviously this doesn't apply to all, but I would say in general it is true).

I am reasonable, rational, and focused on succeeding in life (which includes being a good person).

<3 T



I question your ENTJness Iron Monkey....




I would still like to hear your reasoning as to why you believe that I am not an ENTJ..... BUTTTTT I just took 4 different tests to find out for sure.

INTP/INTJ (only 10 questions)




Iron Mickie, I do so enjoy your thoughtful posts.


Yes, why is logical always painted as heartless...those are just two different things. Lots of folks do not want life straight-up...you acknowledge what is going on and just move on...many get something out of the drama, not me.


Thanks ENTJwoman, I was starting to think this place was filled with F's...



Thank you all for the thoughtful discussion ..

Iron Mickie , nice and thoughtful post, however, these posts can be more effective if you remove colorings .. overall, I like reading your posts.

The thing is that we, ENTJs quite stress our point, while if we just simply put it on, it might pass through more effectively ..

I'll bring some examples where ENTJs are considered evil and let's discuss about them .

The First Example is: Napoleon ..


Thanks for appreciating my efforts :slight_smile: However, the colors stay. Research in synesthaesia accepts that adding color (or smell, feel, or taste) to words or letters makes them more effective and much more memorable. It's some wild stuff.


While I can't bring myself to bust out the crayons myself, I have to admit that IM's posts are easier to read. :smiley: