NTs and especially ENTJs are depicted as evil


Resurrecting a dead thread. Bwahaha.

Rationals are depicted as “evil” for many reasons, here’s two:

  1. We aren’t feelers. An example of how this gets misinterpreted is my reaction to those lame poverty commercials on TV. You see the starving kids in Africa, and someone suggests that you send them money to fix the problem. I immediately point out the stupidity of this. Feelers assume this is because I don’t care about the plight of the poor, but that’s not entirely accurate.

I see a larger problem, the corrupt governments that riddle the continent and funnel money away from productive uses, allowing entire economies to languish in poverty. And, realizing that sending $10 to some charity won’t fix the problem (and may actually encourage it), point out that it is useless. That’s a typically Rational way of looking at things, but it “feels” wrong and heartless to a Feeler or even a Senser.

  1. We tend to be individualists (and Rationals are relatively rare among the population). That is to say, we prefer leadership roles or solitary roles. More sociable types inherently distrust this. Think of most Hollywood villains: You have Mad Scientists (ENTP), Evil Overlords (ENTJ), Lone Assassins (INTJ) and Insane Eggheads who destroy by accident (INTP). Think Dr. Frankenstein (ENTP), The Emperor in Star Wars (ENTJ), Sarah Connor in Terminator 2 (INTJ, even though she’s not a villain she’s still ‘scary’ to the feelers), and Dr. Octavius in the recent Spiderman movie (INTP).

The fact that villains tend to always be Rationals certainly doesn’t help our reputation much :wink:.


Is it not obvious? With people like Napoleon (a ruthless dictator who has been compared to Hitler himself) and Margret Thatcher (no explanation needed), who are well known ENTJs, that are stains on our history, I would be stereotyping all ENTJs as well. We are unlucky that we have such a “colourful” background, but it happens. Here’s hoping that a good ENTJ, other than Sean Connery, comes along.


It might just be that the majority of writers aren’t NT, and they base evil characters off of people they don’t get along with, or those that have slighted them.

I’m pretty sure some people consider me evil - some people I actually cared about and tried to help - in my harsh NT way :stuck_out_tongue:



I new a response like this would pop up eventually.

I see though: ENTJS are “more powerful” than other human beings.

Steaming BS.

I have met a few people EVER who were skilled arguers because they actually had a fairly open mind. The rest just liked saving face. Once I know people for a while, thier convictions and agendas become fairly obvious, and everybody has some emotional agendas.

now please go and get the heck over yourself.


Your inability to spell correctly makes me think that responding might not be a great investment of time (it is “knew” not “new” in the context you used, which is a fact; if you would like to argue this point, I have evidence to back me up).

We argue with facts; the only time we ENTJs, and NTs alike, are wrong is when we are misinformed or the information changes. We don’t stick to our guns to save face, we find the information and prove ourselves right or wrong… for better or worse.

We aren’t stuck on ourselves… people generally want to be like us. Am I proud of this, yes. Would I care if they didn’t want to be like us, no. Here is a piece of evidence: In a poll, people were asked “If you could change your type, what would you change to?” ENTJ was the #1 pick. You will notice that the real #1 choice was that people wouldn’t change their type, but that isn’t a type.

Here is a link to that poll: socionics.com/advan/comments … 10665.poll

It isn’t all good for ENTJs though, we are most likely to die younger due to heart disease (probably caused by stress).

I hope you are enjoying your word sandwich.


Yup. Iron Mickie is right :laughing:


It might be possible NTS are depicted as evil since NTs approach life from a detached point of view and are statistically the minority. This writing is from a need to be understood. Ironically, from reading Nts are apparently the most innocent depending on context. We need more NTS


here here!


I was so suprised when i regconised that persons whom i get along well and think they are most honest and frank (good to me) are tested as ENTJ,among my friends ( 1 sister,1 cousin, 3 friends) :smiley:. I didn’t know about the type before i know them. I am very objective, especially in judging a person.
If someone tells me that im evil, no problem. I can handle that, no matter to me. But i must ask him/ her what basis he/she uses to judge me? and what moral/ ethic/ behaviour he see as standards to apply for? If he can tell me directly in a reasonable and logical, and prove it precisely, then fine. If he can’t, then people will know who is the asshole evil! no more argument!
And one more thing i will let him/her know: I know myself much more than anyone else, and i judge myself even much stricter than anyone else does.


Just checking in with everyone since it is 2011 and as usual I am trying to be optimistic about the future.


Me too, everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt, it’s the other side of the same coin that a person should be held accountable for their actions.



I agree with Iron Mickie. Being an ENTJ isn’t about gloating and thinking that we’re better than others. We realize where it is we stand, and don’t feel like wasting time to prove it. We also don’t like being lead the wrong way when we are clearly able to see solutions. The only time we misinterpret is when misinformed. (like an advanced form of a calculator) Our motive is usually towards achievement, depending on what it is we’re working on, and not power.


It comes down to big picture vs small picture. NTs tend to address bigger issues. Feelings are rarely among them. From my experience N types would be the least “evil”. I’m not sure which I’d say has the most pure intentions out of NFs and NTs.

I get called heartless my fair share, and the times it’s been somewhat true, I’ve made an effort to make the situation right or move on in the right direction. Most of the time, it’s just somebody who’s overly sensitive.


I’m smarter than most, I’m sure most are smarter than you.


Well I see that the INFJ type often governs this literature field from a submissive consumer vantage point. The INFJ type is often referenced as the Author type. This from my observation appears to be due to their love of writing and in rapidly consuming novels. They appear to be able to perform such a feat by making absolutely zero comparisons. In fact the idea of comparisons seem completely alien to them. This fact is not true of the ENTJ whom can often compare things very well so much so that people sometimes get the impression of an ENTJ being very literal.

ENTJ often love to actually travel and meet new people. INFJ like to read fictional works about travel like Lord of the Rings for example. So in this sense… you are breaking the fourth wall on their mind. I lack any idea how to say that in MBTI terms. On another note INTJ often lie about enjoying travel when dating, but this is due to fears of being trapped. And I am probably bad with feelings being an INTP in that I just divulge people’s innermost feelings such as I just did but I don’t give a fuck, you people are so noisy!