observation from the forum


Per my observation, i have found some things from this ENTJ forum:

  • The structure is very good, well organised because the topics are devided into categories that help searching easily. ( other forums that i have browsed to compare are really a mess, except the INTJ forum)
  • There are many useful and valuable coachings, discussions in the forum, provided by many people who have social skills, life experience, working experience (they share what no university teaches us, but life does)
  • There are many people who show a positive attitude, share knowledge. I really appreciate the inside.
  • Many people attach pic of them (i love that). This makes this forum special, not like other forums. And I hardly can find the forum that the site admin post his/her pic on it. He is good looking, so the possibility that he scares people to run away is nil.
    So what are the main reason? I think of the reasons below:
    + About the forum structure and appearance:
  • The web designed with a poor color, just single color only, that makes it hard to catch the eyes or notice. When comparing with other forums, especially the Personality café, ENTJ forum is left behind ( sorry to tell the truth)
  • There are not many icons/ pictures on the front page of the forum makes the page looks dull also.
    + About the sociality of the forum:
  • This forum is created much later than other forums. Mostly people (ENTJs) have joined those forums ofr a period of time. They are comfortable with those forums, and some even don’t know about the existence of this forum. —>This leads to the situation that they are hardly willing to join this forum if this forum is not as attractive and comfortable as the one they are in.
  • The characteristic of ENTJ type is career oriented, and so busy. Many even don’t care of joining any forum. And even they do, they don’t post much if the topics are not interesting to them or they feel that people don’t care or appreciate what they say, their deep feelings. So, of course, there would be fewer people join the forum–>fewer posts–> the forum doesn’t attract the attention–>fewer joiners.( A circle or a lap)
  • Why other forums are much more active than this forum?
    The answer is: Mostly ENTJs in those forum are students, who have much free time than working ones. And they interact with other forums within a website. Many personality types joined and of course, many people have many ideas and curiousity towards ENTJs. The young ENTJs feel like their ego boosted. They like it.(Should admit that people like having someone listening to them, and being praised- some types like much, some types like little, anyway, they still like it). Many think that this forum is not much fun as there are not many funny topics.

So what are socultions ?
+ About the forum structure and appearance:
—> Improve the apprearance of the main page, adjust the colour. ( Sorry i don’t have CS background, so i can not help much. Just can give some opinion based on the view of a joiner.)
—>To add more icons on the page.
(The forum i think that has the best appearance is Personality café. You can look at it, ther are something to learn from. As it helps.)
+ About the sociality of the forum:
---->Put a link on other websites, especially social webs like Twitter/Fcebook ( you already did), and other forums. This can help other people to know about the forum, and if they find it useful and interesting, they will join. By inviting many people of many personality types come, they might use their creativity and curiousity to give more topics to dicuss, and sharing their knowlede and experience also.
—>Creat more topics by yourselves ( you are all intelligent and creative persons, arent you?), and fun topics also.
Umm, till now, i havent found more ideas, hope others will help.

PS: If you find my suggestions don’t benefit you, just simply ignore them. No matter what. Just remember that it’s your product, not mine. If you don’t think you product is the best or not worth spending time on, then who does?




Do it if you like. Seems that Sligh is very supportive for sucide :mrgreen: But dont leave liabilities! Assets are welcome.