Once again, apologies for the spam


Sorry guys, spam bots went on a rampage over the holidays - just finished mopping up the mess, if you find any weird posts, feel free to PM/email me, so I can remove them and ban the posters.

I really need to make some upgrades to this site, but haven’t had the time lately due to some new projects and my personal life… hope you all have faith that I will eventually get past the famous ENTJ over-commitedness and get to it! :wink:

Meanwhile, I love watching the growth of the forum, and the richness of the discussions. As always, please send me any suggestions for improvement, and thanks for making this so enjoyable!


What projects?


The stupid spam continues, sorry guys. I do think its kind of funny that the spambots register as ENFP :wink:

Wasabi, I’m working on a couple of tech startups. One serious, one not so serious. Look forward to putting up the links here as soon as I can!


Ohhhhhh… :confused: I’m not a spammer. Promise. :laughing:


Thats funny. Actually… the latest spambots are chinese. I don’t get it. This weekend, I am seriously looking at alternatives to the software running this site, its time for an upgrade.


The chinese spambots are really getting aggressive…


This is long overdue, but a simple fix has been added to the registration, which should make it a lot tougher for spambots. Sorry for taking so long to figure this out, guys. Credit goes to Ace_, who first suggested the solution on a PM a while ago.


Just found perhaps the only benefit of spambots, in seeing topics being dug up which I had missed beforehand. Makes me want to mine through the forum.


Totally agree with the Brad.

I feel posting in some of the old threads. :slight_smile:




I thought by spam you meant wasabi…sigh I guess not


These kind of degenerating comments have never worked. And never will (I presume it is a degenerative comment). I usually post legitimate answers and questions and some people like it some others dont.

You will only lower your own reputation by attacking me in that way. Go ahead and do it again if you like.


There could almost be a subforum to complain about Wasabi. Not a bad idea when you think about it. I don’t think Wasabi would care, and it could save those of us who don’t care to hear it from hearing it.


An entire subforum? Just for me? Woah. Can I be the moderator of that subforum then?


You know that would only generate more complaints.


That will be moderated…swiftly and decisevly! Like a knife on the butter.


One thing is never in doubt - your abundance of ‘J’


Is that good or bad?


You having an abundance of “J” is neither good or bad; It’s AWFUL!
Can melt the butter, the knife, the “J” and leave nothing behind but a big, black, insignificant smudge. HA!




Get a room you two